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Pretox: Preparing to Detox

The digestive system takes a bit of a hammering during the festive winter months. For many people, too much alcohol and fatty foods can give rise to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, poor skin, sluggish bowels and nausea. Spring is the perfect time for detox. The key to a successful detox is preparation Many people give up on their detox program too soon because they feel rotten—headachy, have bad breath or even spots. Follow this advice two weeks before starting your detox:
  1. Drink lots of water 5 to 2 litres daily to start flushing out the urinary tract.
  2. Wean yourself off coffee, non-herbal tea and soft drinks it makes the detox easier.
  3. Boost circulation with exercise at least a brisk 10-minute walk in the fresh air daily.
  4. Eat more fruit, vegetables and whole foods Avoid processed and refined foods and alcohol.
  5. Relax Unwind for at least 30 minutes before going to bed to encourage a better sleep.
Once the body is better prepared for a detox and able to dispose of the toxins that are released, the whole process is a piece of cake!! There are herbs that can help ease those toxins out of your system such as Milk Thistle, Boldocynara or the A.Vogel 15-day Detox kit. Shopping list: Fresh fruits and veggies, chickpeas, aduki beans, lima beans, kidney beans, green or red lentils, wheat-free pasta, rice cakes, oatcakes, humus, dairy-free milk, yogurt, cheese, Bambu coffee substitute, herbal tea, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, fruit bars... Avoid these Foods Red meat, burgers, fried food, wheat, sugar, dairy products, alcohol, coffee, tea, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, sweets...
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