I found this recipe on line and made a few alterations, but unfortunately I never recorded the original source.  We send our collective thanks to the original cook!  This was the first stuffing I served in our newly gluten-free home.  I served it for Thanksgiving and it was a huge success!

Step 1:

½ Cup Organic Wild Rice

½ Cup Organic Brown Rice

2 Cups Water (alkaline if you’ve got it!)

1 TBSP Vegetable Oil (try Camelina or MCT oil for added nutrients)

Cook the rice in the water and oil. While the rice is cooking move onto the next step.


Step 2:

1 Stalk Organic Celery – chopped

4 Organic Green Onions – chopped

2 Cloves Organic Garlic – chopped

I just toss these all into my hand powered food processor – then sauté them in a little oil or butter, and set them aside to cool.


Step 3:

1 Organic (& Local!) Red Apple – peeled & diced
(then set aside in lemon water to prevent browning)


½ Cup Organic (& Local!) Dried Cranberries

½ Cup Organic Raisins

2TBSP Organic Lemon Zest

Combine the drained apple, cranberries, raisins, and lemon zest with the cooked onions, celery and garlic and set aside.


Step 4:

3TBSP freshly squeezed Organic Lemon Juice

½ tsp Himalayan Salt

1/3 Cup Organic, Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Freshly Ground Organic Black Pepper to taste

Wisk together & pour over the cooked rice.


Step 5:

Finally mix everything together and serve hot or cold.



~<3 Lisa

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