Sunita R.

Congratulations on 22 great years of service!!! My family and I love that your establishment is so close to our home. Not only is the location convenient but we are able to find items such as our cherry pills, tea tree oil, fresh produce, even some cosmetics and freshly sprouted beans all from one place! I'm a cancer survivor and my cancer is at stage four. This means aggressive chemo is a part of my life on a regular basis. With that said, I need items to soothe what ails my tummy, my skin, and morale. There's no better place that meets those needs than the Organic Grocer! Recently, I was having a better health day and wanted to prepare a mixed bean sprout soup for my family and wasn't having any luck acquiring the bean sprouts. I decided to give your store a call and though you didn't have any on hand, you went above and beyond by special ordering them for me. I was absolutely touched! Not only did you order them but you had them in shop the next day. That is exceptional customer service. Also, when I'm in the store my self, the staff are extremely knowledgeable and I walk away a bit smarter for the newly obtained information I leave with. Thank you for that extra care you provide to your customers that have us coming back for more! Congratulations once again on your anniversary and here is to hoping you have many, many more great years! With thanks and best wishes, Sunita R. (your customer for life!)

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