Collagen—despite all its amazing benefits—isn’t a source of dietary protein (the kind that balances your blood sugar and keeps you feeling full).


That’s because collagen contains a different spectrum of amino acids—and is lower in essential amino acids—especially tryptophan and leucine[1],[2], but higher in glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, amino acids that help the body build collagen.


The unique spectrum of amino acid peptides found in collagen provides plenty of benefits throughout the body that you can’t get from dietary protein!


  • Provides anti-aging benefits and makes your skin look great
  • Helps your joints feel great
  • Supports your active body
  • Helps improve bone mineral density
  • Helps improve cardiovascular function
  • Improves overall wellbeing


But there are lots of different collagen products on the market—how do you choose?

There are 3 BIG questions to ask:

  • Does it come from a clean, sustainable source?
  • Is it in an effective dose?
  • Is it highly absorbable?

Genuine Health made clean collagen and marine clean collagen to be all these things and more.

Clean Collagen

So you bought a collagen supplement with “protein” written on the label. This means you can skip picking up a whey or vegan protein powder, because collagen doubles up as a protein supplement — right? It’s true that collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, and supplementing with collagen provides plenty of benefits to the body, BUT collagen doesn’t behave in the same way in the body as a whey or multi-source vegan protein.

  1. We start with sustainably-sourced grass-fed cow hides and wild-caught fish skins from sustainable industries that would otherwise be unused.
  2. We made sure we provided a therapeutic dose. Each serving of clean collagen gives you 10 grams of easily absorbed collagen peptides.
  3. We wanted to make it simple for you to take clean collagen. So we created two collagen source options: marine and bovine in both unflavoured and lightly flavoured options. Whether you choose to take collagen from a marine or bovine source, you can reap all of the amazing benefits of collagen!

[1] Phillips SM. Current Concepts and Unresolved Questions in Dietary Protein Requirements and Supplements in Adults. Front Nutr. 2017 May 8;4:13


[2] Castellanos VH, et al. Modular protein supplements and their application to long-term care. Nutr Clin Pract 2006;21:485–504



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