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Use Promo Code "OGONLINE" for a 10% Discount

Sunshine in a Bottle - Improve Your Mood 60 Capsules


Benefits of the Sun…Risk-Free - Sunlight can promote a positive mood and produce Vitamin D, but it can also promote skin cancer risk. Sunshine in a Bottle™, an enhanced vitamin D supplement, helps replace nutrients that may be depleted during periods of reduced exposure to sunlight or with the use of strong commercial sunscreen products.* Sunshine in a Bottle™ helps improve mood and minimizes the fatigue caused by a lack of sleep from travel, insomnia, and shift work.

Nu-Life Sunshine in a Bottle Features
Year-round formula delivers 1000IU of Vitamin D
Added phytonutrients help support mood any time of year
Nu-Life Sunshine in a Bottle Benefits
Replaces nutrients depleted by lack of sunlight
Fights Seasonal Affective Disorder