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We carry the tools you need to live a productive and fun healthy lifestyle!  Remember – if you can’t find it listed here; give us a call!
We can order it in for you!

We carry Santevia

We can order in any of the Santevia products you’re interested in.

In store you’ll find:

 The Santevia Counter Top System, The Ceramic Filter for both counter top and water cooler systems, The 5 Stage Filter for both counter top and water cooler systems, The Santevia Water Pitchers & Filters, The Alkaline Stick, The Tritan Water Bottles

Countertop water filter

We’ve brought in A. Vogel’s bioSnacky line of sprouting equipment and seeds because at the Organic Grocer we encourage sprouting – especially in the winter!  

How Sprouts Are Good For Health

Sprouts may not look the part but they are chock-full of nutrients.  Its as if all the benefits of the vegetable are concentrated into its little sprout. It is easy to get fresh sprouts all year round from supermarkets but it is more fun is to do it at home.  Once you put the seeds to germinate, you can harvest the freshest sprouts within a few days. Kids usually prefer sandwiches with sprouts that they grew themselves in a germinator, over “boring” lettuce.  You can even choose some mixed seeds containing radish to add some serious zing.

We carry in store the following sprouting seeds from A.Vogel’s bioSnacky:

Alfalfa, Detox Mix,  Fitness Mix,  Mild Aromatic Mix, Mung Bean

We also have lots of beans, lentils, and seeds through out the store that are sprout-able!  Just ask one of our friendly staff members to help you find them.

We carry If You Care Brand 

Cheese Cloth

Coffee Filters

We carry PaperChef Culinary Parchment Baking Cups

We carry Axel Kraft Skin Brushes

Learn how to brush properly here.

We carry nasal irrigation supplies!

     Nasaline Nasal Rinsing System , Squip Saline Solution Salt, Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot (Neti Pot)

We carry an array of do-it-yourself bottles:

Nasal Spray Bottles,  Droppers, Spray Bottles,  Bach Flower Remedy Mixing Bottles

Bach flower remedies

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