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Use Promo Code "OGONLINE" for a 10% Discount

DermaMed Mobility Balm 50ml


DermaMed Mobility Balm helps relax and soothe areas of discomfort caused by inflamed and painful tissues including arthritis. It contains pure botanical extracts and essential oils which deliver soothing, therapeutic relief within minutes.

Mobility cream comes in 15 ml & 50 ml sizes.

Please note that packaging may incorrectly denote animal ingredients such as Prawn, Crab, or Decapoda Exoskeleton for the Glucosamine Sulfate. The Mobility Balm is 100% Vegan-friendly and only uses plant-based Glycerin and Glucosamine Sulfate.

Other Information:
Non-irritating to the skin
Not to be taken internally
Not tested on animals
Made in Canada
NPN 80054450

Call toll-free from US & Canada +1-800-681-2292.