Environmentally Conscious Cleaning

At The Organic Grocer we know how many chemicals can be flushed down the drain every day and so we make cleaning a lot cleaner for you!  We carry a wide range of environmentally friendly, and chemical free cleaning supplies for all over your home.  

Cleaning naturally all over the home starts with: 

 Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

We carry a wide range of Dr. Bronner’s Soaps.  The liquids can be used as all purpose cleaner all over the home!

Essential Silver Premium Ionic Silver

We carry Essential Silver in various formats.  The liquid is a great multi-purpose disinfectant.
Learn how useful ionic silver really is here.

O2XY-PLUS 29% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solution

We carry several sizes of O2XY-PLUS 29% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solution.  Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a multi-purpose disinfectant all over the home when properly diluted.

enivornmentall friendly cleaning

We carry a wide range of cleaning products for all over the house.

Here’s a list of the name brands we carry:

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