Environmentally Conscious Cleaning

At The Organic Grocer we know how many chemicals can be flushed down the drain every day and so we make cleaning a lot cleaner for you!  We carry a wide range of environmentally friendly, and chemical free cleaning supplies for all over your home.  

Cleaning naturally all over the home starts with: 

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
We carry a wide range of Dr. Bronner’s Soaps.  The liquids can be used as all purpose cleaner all over the home!

–  Essential Silver Premium Ionic Silver
We carry Essential Silver in various formats.  The liquid is a great multi-purpose disinfectant.
Learn how useful ionic silver really is here.

O2XY-PLUS 29% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solution
We carry several sizes of O2XY-PLUS 29% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solution.  Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a multi-purpose disinfectant all over the home when properly diluted.

We carry a wide range of cleaning products for all over the house.  

Here’s a list of the name brands we carry:

Looking for Multi-Purpose Cleaners?  We carry:


Looking for chemical free laundry supplies?  We carry:

Looking for environmentally safe dish washing supplies?  We carry:

Hoping to clean your bathroom with safe products?  We carry: 

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