About Us

Our Expert Staff


Master Herbalist and Vitamin Department Manager

Linda is our vitamin department manager and has been with us since 1999…


Mulit-Lingual Vitamin Representative, Digestive Care Advisor

Fluent in three languages (English, Hindi and Punjabi), Rehana provides health…

Parminder (DC)

Mulit-Lingual Doctor of Chiropractics

(Parminder can help you in Punjabi on the weekends.)…

Organic Foods from A Health Food Store in Surrey

Leslie S

Vitamin & Grocery Representative

Leslie has moved from the grocery department into our vitamin department…


Floor Manager & Organic Advisory Expert

Jodi is our Floor Manager and Organic Advisory Expert…


Produce Manager

Jessica is our produce manager and the best person to talk …


Body Care Representative

Shelley provides exceptional customer care at the front end of the store…


Grocery Representative

Coco helps to receive incoming grocery stock at The Organic Grocer…


Multi-Lingual Grocery Representative

Veer is always happy to help with any grocery or vitamin question…

Our Fearless Leaders:

Deb Foote

Owner, CFO

Deb’s history in the Organic sector started in 1979 when fresh out of high school…

Garth Owen

Owner, CRO

Garth Owen is the co-owner of Surrey’s multi award winning Organic Grocer…

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