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Our Expert Staff

Linda Loves Her Tea!


Master Herbalist and Vitamin Department Manager

Linda is our vitamin department manager and has been with us since 1999…


Mulit-Lingual Vitamin Representative, Digestive Care Advisor

Fluent in three languages (English, Hindi and Punjabi), Rehana provides health…

Parminder (DC)

Mulit-Lingual Doctor of Chiropractics

(Parminder can help you in Punjabi on the weekends.)…

Leslie S

Vitamin & Grocery Representative

Leslie has moved from the grocery department into our vitamin department…

Jodie - General Manager


Floor Manager & Organic Advisory Expert

Jodi is our Floor Manager and Organic Advisory Expert…


Produce Manager

Jessica is our produce manager and the best person to talk …

Shelly - Beauty Consultant


Body Care Representative

Shelley provides exceptional customer care at the front end of the store…


Multi-Lingual Grocery Representative

Nasrin provides exceptional customer care at the front end of the store…


Grocery Representative

Coco helps to receive incoming grocery stock at The Organic Grocer…

Our Fearless Leaders:

Deb - Organic Industry Specialist

Deb Foote

Owner, CFO

Deb’s history in the Organic sector started in 1979 when fresh out of high school…

Garth & Deb, Our Fearless Leaders

Garth Owen

Owner, CRO

Garth Owen is the co-owner of Surrey’s multi award winning Organic Grocer…

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