Organic Meat, Seafood & Meat Alternatives in Surrey

At Organic Grocer, we know how important it is to support ethical farms, as well as organically produced food products, including organic meats such as free range beef and grass fed beef.  We want to know that the animals we eat lived happy, healthy lives, before they become our food – so we’ve found a few suppliers we can put our name behind! We hope you’re as happy with our organic meat suppliers and their products as we are!

We carry Maple Hill Farms Speciality Chicken, Free Run Eggs, and Organic Eggs!  

We can also special order any of Maple Hills other items.  We receive our deliveries every Thursday.  If you’d like to place a special order, please call by Tuesday evening for delivery the following Thursday.

Free run eggs and organic meat sold at Organic Grocer
Organic meats and grass fed beef sold in Surrey at Organic Grocer

We Carry Hill Foods Organic & Speciality Meats

At the Organic Grocer we carry a wide range of Hill Foods speciality and organic meats – and if what you’re looking for isn’t in our regular stock we can order it in for you! Check out their website for exciting and exotic ideas to grace your table!

Hills Foods is a truly “Certified Organic Plant”.  They are certified by PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society), so you can TRUST the source:  it is what they say it is.  (Something not all distributors can say or  stand behind!)

We felt Hills Foods was a great fit for our store because they embody the ideals that are important to both us and our customers!

Hills Foods cares about providing safe, delicious and nutritious beef offerings:   their livestock are humanely treated, raised with no added hormones or antibiotics, and because healthy land produces healthy animals, their cattle are kept robust and healthy naturally – without the need for medications. Any animal that has to be treated with antibiotics is removed from the program.  Hills Food cattle come from a ranch that implements innovative land stewardship plans that will help protect healthy ecosystems for years to come – preserving healthy forests and grasslands, diverse plant communities, clean water and wildlife habitat.  They want to help save the Canadian West’s wilderness spaces by supporting economically viable and ecologically sustainable ranching – and so do we.

Ask us about our free range beef and grass fed beef.

Handmade sausages in Surrey from Stapleton Sausage Co. at the Organic Grocer.

We carry Stapleton Handmade Sausages!  

Stapleton Sausage Co. is committed to making a quality product; they do this by hand-making their sausages in a local facility using only the highest quality, natural ingredients that contain no artificial preservatives. Their sausages are gluten free and low in sodium and fat (lean cuts of meat only from local meat sources).

For a complete product list (including nutrition facts) and for cooking tips, visit the following pages:

IN THE NEWS: Vancouver Sun article and video about Stapleton Sausage Co.
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BPA free canned tuna, salmon and sardines

We carry RainCoast Trading Canned Fish

RainCoast Trading canned fish are BPA Free and Ocean Wise recommended.  Their fish are hook and line caught to prevent damage to the ecosystems from which they fish.

Salmon, Sardines, & Tuna

At Organic Grocer we know many of our patrons are striving to reduce their impact on Mother Earth.  One practice to reduce one’s footprint that has become quite common place is to choose meatless meals.  

We’ve decided to carry a range of vegetarian as well as vegan options to support these customers, as well as those who choose to follow vegetarian diets for religious or ethical reasons.

Since this category is ever growing we are very open to your suggestions!  More often than not we can special order your favourite products in for you – and who knows – you might inspire us to bring something new to our shelves!

Our Meatless Options Include:

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Gardein Products

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Wholly Veggie! Brand Products

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Amy’s Kitchen Brand Products

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Qrunch Organics Brand Products

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