Convenient – Balanced – Minimally Processed – Wholefood Snack!

Harvest Sticks provide a balanced and ideal snack for those that are tired of compromising healthy & delicious for convenient & bland.

Made with the best ingredients from organic grass-fed beef, cherries and sweet potato!

Take a highly nutritious snack with you on your journey through life to keep you satisfied and nourished (your taste buds will thank you 😉

 Balanced Ratio of Carbs, Protein and Fat (7g Protein, 9g Carbs, 3g Dietary Fat)
 Free Roaming, Pasture Raised Grass-Fed and Grass Finished Beef
 No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics
 High Levels Of Omega-3’s
 Gluten Free
 Grain Free
 Soy Free
 Dairy Free


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