Medicinal Cannabis – it’s in!  We are SO excited! 

We’ve searched and searched for quality medicinal marijuana products that make actual medicinal claims and openly discuss the medicinal benefits of all the components of the Cannabis sativa plant.

It’s the Wild West in Canada right now!!!  As our rules and regulations shift and change, and as provinces try to decide where they are going to land on this controversial herb, companies are cashing in and making all kinds of claims!  When you start digging, these companies come up short with little science to back up their claims, and no details to show the efficacy of their products.  It’s been a struggle to find a reputable company.    But we found one!

We also learned that a lot of companies are playing it safe right now; simply not making specific claims about CBD (for example) to avoid seizure in stricter provinces and territories.  Finding a product of high quality, that actually makes CBD content claims on the label proved impossible.   Finding a company that complies with Canadian laws was also challenging – but we found them!

During our search we asked a lot of questions!  We learned a lot about THC and CBD.   And we learned a lot about the other medicinal components of the Cannabis sativa plant including Beta Caryophyllene (bayta-car-ee-o-FI-leen) (which has over 19 000 studies on PubMed).  Beta caryophyllene is a super healing component of the Cannabis plant (and many other plants such as nutmeg, oregano, cinnamon, and black pepper) and it is it’s presence that helps alleviate pain.  Beta-Caryophyllene can bind to CB2 receptors (strong) and activate many of benefits of the endocannabinoid system.


Some Of The Key Takeaways About BCP:

  • It improves metabolism (by increasing mitochondrial function)
  • It protects against neurodegeneration (by reducing a leaky blood-brain barrier and inflammation)
  • It reduces pain (by up-regulating natural endorphins)


Most legitimate companies selling hemp products in Canada are focusing on Beta caryophyllene because it is not a controversial substance like THC and CBD still are in most of the provinces and territories.   However a very few companies are open and interested in the wider health benefits of the entire cannabis plant.


North American Herb and Spice is one of those companies.

We chose NAHS to supply our CBD-rich hemp products because they were  able to answer the hard questions!  First, and most important to our customers, NAHS openly discusses their CBD content – most other companies skirt around this gray area of Canadian law.  Because NAHS’s sales rep openly discussed the benefits of CBD, understood what we were looking for, and was able to answer all of our questions we looked deeper into their product line and were mightily impressed!

NAHS offers WHOLE FOOD, FULL SPECTRUM, RAW, WILD Hemp Extract which is rich in CBD (9-14%) as well as Beta-Caryophyllene.   They’re able to do this because they grow their own Cannabis sativa hemp plants on certified organic soil.  And all of their herbal products are RAW and WHOLE – NAHS believes in the health benefits of the whole plant, and doesn’t mess with Mother Nature too much.  Their hemp, oregano and turmeric extracts are CO2 extracted preventing any chemical residues or heat damage to the healing properties of the plant.  Because of these careful processes, NAHS’s extracts are FULL SPECTRUM and wide reaching in their health benefits.  Plus, NAHS’s hemp is a WILD strain.

NAHS is also working with Health Canada to obtain NHP numbers for all of their products – which means, despite their high CBD content, they are perfectly legal to sell.  Plus the additional health benefits of  these products are pretty special and we couldn’t pass them up!


Here’s an outline of one the the products we’ve brought in that we are most excited about:


Powerful, supercritical, certified organic cannabis extract—full cannabis profile, including rare, powerful terpenes


Hempanol-CF is the cannabis extract-based “be calm and focused” formula for overall health support. It’s the only whole food, raw cannabis extract available, a supercritical CO2 extract. Nothing is added, and nothing is taken away. This is the exclusive, original, organic-source, supercritical cannabis extract. It is derived from cannabis plants grown only for NAHS on certified organic soil and therefore is not the type that is extracted industrially through solvents. That’s right, much of the cannabis extract on the market is merely residue cannabis from the textile industry, where the active ingredients are extracted with solvents.Solvents typically used in material made into supplements include acetone, butane, which is lighter fluid, hexane, and alcohol. The solvents, including the petrochemical ones, are driven off by heat; however, in many cases significant residue remains. Furthermore, homeopathically these solvents can never be removed. Regardless, who would knowingly consume herbal or plant extracts treated with noxious solvents, the latter being categorical carcinogens? With Hempanol-CF, no such solvents are ever used, and it is extracted only through supercritical CO2, which is entirely a cold process. This means that only Hempanol-CF is raw. Thus, all the key nutrients, including the enzymes, are intact.Most cannabis extracts are processed with heat, which can be as high as 250 degrees. Both heat and solvents damage the delicate compounds in cannabis, including the terpenes and cannabinoids. Since Hempanol-CF is free of all such noxious chemicals and not heat treated, the natural substances contained in this formula are fully intact, including the highly sophisticated and exceedingly potent terpenes. This means that these molecules are far more biologically active than those found in heat- and solvent-treated types.This is the original, raw, crude, unprocessed cannabis extract from organic hemp stalks. Accept no cheap imitations made from heat-extracted and/or solvent-corrupted hemp. Hempanol-CF is exclusively organic cannabis extract without any other ingredients in an extra virgin olive oil and hemp seed oil base. It’s easy and beneficial to use every day. The whole family can feel confident that Hempanol-CF is a blessing in a bottle.Directions: Take 10 or more drops under the tongue or in juice/water once daily.

Are you curious about the other products we carry?   Check this out:  


These are the ONLY RAW extracts on the market – they are not distilled after the CO2 extraction.
There are no chemicals used in their production.
Raw extraction ensures that all the terpenes as well as hundreds of cannabinoids in the extract are intact and active.

All NAHS products are NON-PSHYCOACTIVE because they contain NO THC.




HEMPANOL CF Super Strength – 14%



14 drops = 10mg


600 drops
per bottle

Maximum Strength Daytime Calm & Focus:
3000mg crude hemp stalk extract
(=420mg CBD)+ CO2 Extracted Hemp+ Hemp Seed Oil+ Rosemary





23 drops = 5mg


600 drops per bottle

Daytime Calm & Focus:
1500mg crude hemp stalk extract
(=135mg CBD)+ CO2 Extracted Hemp
+ Hemp Seed Oil
+ Rosemary




33 drops = 5mg


2oz/1200 drops per bottle

Supports a Healthy Nervous System, and has an Anti-Inflammatory Effect: 

2000mg crude hemp stalk extract
(=180mg CBD/bottle)

+  5300mg turmerones

+  1000mg curcumenoids





14 drops = 1mg


600 drops per bottle

Sleep & Wellness Support: 

500mg crude hemp stalk extract
(=45mg CBD)

+  Wild New Zealand Hops, Blue Chamomile



1.2mg / cap Daytime Calm & Focus:
CO2 Extracted Hemp, Hemp Seed Oil,


0.9mg / cap Supports a Healthy Nervous System, and has an Anti-Inflammatory Effect:

2000mg crude hemp stalk extract

+  3500mg turmerones

+  1050mg curcumenoids



0.45mg / cap Sleep & Wellness Support: 

CO2 Extracted Oregano Oil, Organic
Hemp,  Chamomile, Hops



No CBD claim Transdermal Support:

CO2 extracted hemp, wild nettles,
Oregano Oil, Royal Jelly, Myrtle …



Did you know that we also carry Nano-Enhanced CDB Water?:


30mg/bottle Nano-Enhanced CBD:

3mg of Nano-Enhanced CBD is as effective
as 30mg of regular CBD, and is absorbed
faster for quicker results.


We’re ready to answer your questions about CBD, Beta Caryophyllene, Hemp Oil and more!  Pop in and check out our new Medicinal Hemp section at the front of the store!

#InsiderTip:  More products are coming at the end of the month!






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