Why does our label say, Beyond pain relief? Because RECOVERY behaves quite differently from standard formula anti-inflammatories. Think of it not only as effective pain relief, but also education for your body’s cells…

Over time, RECOVERY will teach the cells to respond better to the causes and processes of inflammation—an ability our cells lose as we

age and/or inflammation is ongoing. This means that, should you have a condition that creates an inflammatory response, no matter how long this condition has existed, your cells can relearn how to protect themselves. This results in sustained pain relief, something that is lacking in standard formulations.

To illustrate this point, we’d like to take a page from Dr. Dolittle’s book and listen to the animals. Our RECOVERY SA and RECOVERY EQ contain the same key ingredients as RECOVERY, including Nutricol. Both small animals and horses experience discomfort from a number of health conditions, and in some, the ongoing pain can be excruciating. While animals themselves cannot tell us how much better they feel, their owners can. A horse that is lame begins to canter again; an aging dog with hip problems begins to enjoy her walks, a cat whose leg operation is not healing as it should, loses his stiffness and becomes mobile once more.

With animals, there is no placebo effect, as the animal does not comprehend the concept of a medication. Th

us, the healing response we witness is “pure” and demonstrates that RECOVERY is doing its job. Over the long term, humans, as well as animals, experience relief as the body begins to relearn the processes involved in quelling inflammation.

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