Body & Personal Care Products

Face & Skin Care

Face Care Products:

  • Active Age Defense
    – Skin Lightening Cream
  • Alba Botanica
    – We carry Alba’s skin care line
  • Andalou Naturals
    (Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Cruelty Free)
    – We carry a very wide range of Andalou products in the store!  Come check them out!
  • Aura Cacia
    – Skin Care Oils
  • Avalon Organics
    (Free of Phthalates, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances)
    – Lavender Luminosity Daily Moisturizer
  • Badger
    – Lip Balms
  • DermaE
    – We carry a very wide range of DermaE skin care products!
  • DermaMed
    – We carry a wide range of DermaMed’s skin care products!
  • Dessert Essence
    – We carry a range of Dessert Essence’s facial care line
  • Earth Science
    – We carry several of Earth Science’s skin care line
  • Everyone Face
    – Make Removing Wipes
  • Green Beaver (Vegan)
    – We carry several Green Beaver skin care products for face and body.
  • Heritage Store
    – Rosewater
  • Kosmea Austalia
    – Organic Rosehip skin care products for the face!
  • LifeChoice
    – DMAE Restorative Cream
  • New Roots Herbal
    – 100% Organic Skin Care Oils
  • Organika
    – CoEnzyme Q10 Lip Balm
  • Thayers Natural Remedies
    – Witch Hazel Formulas
  • Viva Health Products
    (Local, Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan)
    – We carry Viva’s anti-aging products
  • Queen of the Hive
    – Lip balm

Skin Care Products:

  • Alba
    – Body Cream
    – Body Oil
  • Andalou Naturals (Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan)
    – We carry a very wide range of Andalou products
  • AromaCrystal (Local, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free)
    – Gardener’s Dream Cream
  • AromaForce
    – Sweet Almond Oil
  • Pacifica 
    – Body Butters
  • Weleda
    – Skin Food

Therapeutic Skin Care Products:

  • Carina Botanical Therapeutic
    – Skin Cream Plus
  • Kalaya
    – Emu Oil
  • Nature’s Essential Garden
    – Vegetable Glycerine
  • Natural Factors 
    – Tea Tree Spray
  • Organika
    – Tea Tree Oil
  • SilverMed
    – Natural Nail Formula
    – Natural Wart Formula
  • St. Francis Herb Farm
    – St. John’s Wort Oil
  • SuperLysine+
    – Cold Sore Treatment
    – Cold Sore Supplement
  • Theraneem Naturals
    – Neem Oil
  • Thursday Plantation
    – Solution for Nails
    – Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Quantum Derma
    – Herbal Skin Crack Cream



Established in Germany 30 years ago, DermaMed manufactures topical remedies that are completely natural and effectivve in treating skin disorders and uses innovative automated systems through the manufacturing process to ensure high quality products.  DermaMEd is unique in it’s field because they use “Innovative intracellular Phyto Technology”.

DermaMed products in Surrey for Acne and Joints

We carry a wide range of DermaMed therapeutic skin care products – we’ve listed the adult line here, but DermaMed also has an extensive baby care line.
DermaMed does not test on animals.

  • DermaMed Acne Prone Gel 15ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed Acne Prone Gel 50ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed Acne Wash with Green Tea 240ml
  • DermaMed All Purpose Balm 15ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed All Purpose Balm 50ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed Children’s Healing (Specialty) Cream 60ml
  • DermaMed Cold Sore Lip Balm
  • DermaMed Formula A Balm 15ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed Formula H 50ml (Hemorrhoid Cream)
  • DermaMed Mobility Balm 15ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed Mobility Balm 50ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed Nutrition for Troubled Skin 60 Caps
  • DermaMed Rescue Balm 15ml (Jar – Psoriaderm)
  • DermaMed RosaDerm Balm 15ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed RosaDerm Balm 50ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed Super-Restorative Day Cream 60ml
  • DermaMed Tension Balm 15ml (Jar)
  • DermaMed Tension Balm 50ml (Jar – Migracell)
  • DermaMed YES – Natural Enhancement Cream for Women 30ml

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