By Genuine Health – Apr 23, 2015

Something that has always inspired the work we do at Genuine Health is the power of nature. Fermentation is a process that is always occurring in nature, and evidence of its use byhumans goes back to the Neolithic age. We have our ancestors to thank for learning to harness the process, eventually mastering methods to improve the nutrition of their foods with it, not to mention the taste and more practical aspects like food preservation. These traditional techniques took time, as microbes and enzymes slowly worked in converting carbohydrates in foods to organic acids and/or alcohol – improving their digestibility and nutritional value in the process. Fermentation was serious business, as each food was treated carefully, with its own time-frame and specific conditions.

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This remains the same today. When we set out to create our revolutionary fermented supplements, we took it very seriously, knowing that true, lacto-fermentation is more than a science: it’s an art! We take great pride in the process we use to build the most advanced, complete and effective fermented supplements through traditional, time-honoured, artisanal techniques. The latest is fermented vegan proteins+, with a unique formula that begins with the highest quality, vegan ingredients that are naturally high in protein: yellow pea kernel and brown rice seed protein concentrates, along with Genuine Health’s custom blend,containing organic hemp protein, organic quinoa sprouts, alfalfa protein, organic spirulina, and mung bean sprouts. Together these provide a unique and synergistic source of high quality protein – but it is the power of fermentation that takes them to the next level!

For years, we have worked to perfect our fermentation process. Our team of microbiologists add a selected blend of natural, non-dairy probiotics to the custom protein blend, allowing it to ferment in small batches under their watchful eye. In this controlled environment of ideal conditions, using state-of-the-art equipment, the ingredients are constantly monitored – ensuring that any unwanted contamination can be immediately detected and the process halted.

This pairing of traditional techniques with modern technology allows us to remove the obstacle of “anti-nutrients” from plant-based proteins. These natural components of plants act as a “nutritional mesh” locking up minerals and other nutrients, protecting them from the consumption and digestion by predators. Our process allows the microbiologists to recognize exactly when the anti-nutrients (i.e. the nutritional mesh) are no longer active, and the “sweet spot”providing the greatest nutritional benefit is reached. At this point the fermentation process is stopped and the ingredients are carefully dried into a stable, powder form, devoid of any undesirable microorganisms.

But the process doesn’t stop there: we see it through until the very end, re-testing everything again, ensuring the highest-quality protein imaginable, with no harmful contaminants, organisms or toxins. Unlike large scale, industrial fermentation, we use carefully selected, non-GMO, non-dairy, non-animal lactobacilli and sacchromyces microorganisms to ferment our ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and greatest nutritional benefits. We also work hard to make the best-tasting supplements on the market and offer fermented vegan proteins+ in unflavoured/unsweetened or natural vanilla flavour as well as fermented vegan proteins+ bars in peanut butter chocolate and double chocolate chip flavours, for the benefits of fermentation on-the-go. The result of all of this hard work is great-tasting fermented protein products that gives you a synergistic blend of the highest nutritional potency and maximum protein availability – proudly manufactured in Canada.

Genuine Health is committed to the highest quality in everything we do, and take extraordinary pride in being leaders with fermented supplements. With fermented vegan proteins+, you get the most bio-available protein product on the market, with the most advanced formula for absorption, digestibility and performance – all made possible by fermentation, and our commitment to innovation and quality.

Gleaned from:  Genuine Health’s Blog

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