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Prairie Naturals Zip Fuel

Dec 8th 1pm- 4pm:
Learn about the Benefits of Creatine for Minds both Young & Old
at Prairie Naturals’ Demo

(Complementary for all our customers click the picture for more info)

Have the Energy You Want. When You Want it! Quickly and safely boosts energy for people of all ages and fitness levels. ZipFuel™ is a highly absorbable Creatine instant energy drink with natural buffering agents that reduce acidity. Deliciously refreshing natural Orange Fizz flavour. Made with three high quality Creatine sources – Creatine monohydrate, Creatine alpha-ketoglutarate and Tricreatine malate. ZipFuel™ fuels physical activity; increases muscle power, strength and tone; speeds recovery from surgery and traumatic injury; supports cardiovascular health; reduces the inflammatory response caused by exercise. Ideal for seniors. UnZip your Energy Source with Zip Fuel™!

At Organic Grocer Demo Table.  Ask Lea for a coupon!

Viva Anaylisis

Dec 10th 11am- 4pm:
FREE Skin Analysis with Viva Health Skin Products

Viva Health Products is committed to customer education. Our goal is to help each customer to choose the natural products that suit his or her special requirements. We strongly feel that education and helping customer to choose are the responsibilities of every associate in this industry.

Want to get to know yours skin?  Viva Organic Skincare’s Analysis machine can measure dark spots, pores, wrinkles, skin texture, and UV damage.  Call the store to reserve your spot today!

At Organic Grocer Demo Table.

Dr. Galina Bogatch

FREE 15 minute
Naturopathic Consultations

WEDNESDAY Dec 14th 1pm – 4pm

We will be hosting Dr. Galina Bogatch of Mountainview Wellness Centre once a month for complementary Naturopathic Consultations.  Appointments are 15 minutes each on a first come first served basis – please prebook at the tills.

Learn about Dr. Galina Bogatch here.

(Complementary for all our customers)


Oct 17th  12pm – 4pm:
Organika Demo

(Complementary for all our customers)
At Organic Grocer Demo Table.  

Four Sigmatic Coffee

Sept 22nd 1pm- 4pm:
Learn about the Benefits of Mushrooms in Your Coffee!
at Four Sigmatic’s Demo

(Complementary for all our customers)

The premium instant coffee that is used in all of our coffee-based products is 100 percent Arabica variety, grown in the volcanic soil of Southeast Asia. It is grown in the shade at high altitudes, without the use of pesticides. After roasting and brewing the beans, we concentrate the coffee by evaporation, and finish it off by spray-drying it into a pure instant powder.

Our coffee is not yet certified organic, but we have tested it to ensure it contains absolutely zero pesticides. We also constantly run third-party lab testing to ensure minimal levels of mycotoxins. Rather than paying a premium price for organic certification (which gets passed along to customers), we source the highest quality and most potent products. Just one taste and you’ll be able to tell what a difference this makes!

At Organic Grocer Demo Table.

BioForce Pic

OCTOBER 3rd  BioForce Demo

(Complementary for all our customers)

Do Matcha Pic

OCTOBER 5th  1pm – 5pm

DoMatcha Demo

(Complementary for all our customers)

Thanksgiving Pic

We’re Open Regular Hours
OCTOBER 9TH 9am – 6:30pm

Flora Pic

OCTOBER 9th  1pm – 4pm

Flora Demo

(Complementary for all our customers)

OCTOBER 13th  1pm – 4pm 

Karen Phytoplankton Demo

Did you know?
Karen is safe for the #wholefamily, young and old. Karen is also safe to take during #pregnancy as well as during #breastfeeding.

(Complementary for all our customers)

Tallgrass Pic

OCTOBER 14th  1pm – 4pm 

Tallgrass Demo

(Complementary for all our customers)

Bone Image

OCTOBER 20th  1pm – 4pm 

October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day – come learn about bone health and the role Calcium plays at our Prairie Naturals Bone 1:1 Demo

(Complementary for all our customers)

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