As an Ethical Bean Coffee customer, partner, or friend, we wanted to share some exciting news about a pilot project that Recycle BC launched earlier this month.


You can now drop off your empty coffee bags and “other flexible plastic packaging” at over 100 participating depot locations around BC.


This includes any of your Ethical Bean Coffee bags such as 5lb bags, portion packs, and regular retail packaging.


“Other flexible plastic packaging” also includes items such as:

  • Stand up pouches
  • Chip bags
  • Pasta bags
  • Cereal box bags
  • Produce net bags
  • Frozen food zipper-lock bags


More locations are expected to be added in September 2018, with a mandatory rollout to all Recycle BC depots as of next year.


This type of packaging is the fastest growing on the market as it’s lightweight and easy to ship, has lower emissions when looking at the full carbon life-cycle, and helps keep food fresh for longer periods of time.


Recycle BC has teamed up with Merlin Plastics to perform a research and development project on the new materials collected to help recycle more of this material and turn anything that can’t be recycled into energy pellets, displacing the need for other more carbon intensive fuels.


Please feel free to share this announcement with any key partners or other customers.


If you have any Ethical Bean Coffee packaging related questions, feel free to respond to this email. For any broader program or recycling questions, you can reach out to Recycle BC on their website here.


Kind regards,


Alex Hawley | Office Manager, Customer Relations

Ethical Bean Coffee

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