…the makers of Recovery® and micronized medicinal mushrooms have unveiled a new fermented, highly-digestible, low carb vegan protein.

By launching PURICA Power Vegan Protein PURICA is ushering in a new era in the growth and evolution of the natural health food company that is committed to empowering people with the finest whole food products, supplements and lifestyle solutions.

“For 18 years, we’ve been committed to making a positive difference in the lifestyles of our customers,” said Jason Watkin, Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Formulator of PURICA. “That’s why we’re energized by the opportunity to provide a clean vegan protein powder distinguished by our Chaga mushrooms, Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein and the natural enzyme blend ProHydrolase®. We really see this as a new way for all members of the PURICA family to make the most of every day. It’s a game-changer for us at so many levels.”

PURICA Power features fermented Pea Protein Isolate (using only Grade A Canadian Yellow Peas), certified organic Sprouted Brown Rice protein and the power of micronized PURICA Chaga mushroom powder, along with the natural ProHydrolase® enzyme blend (comprised of bacterial protease and stem bromelain, natural flavour and stevia extract). It is designed to effectively rebuild muscle and tissues while delivering the powerful antioxidants, immunomodulators and adaptogens found in pure, organic PURICA Chaga mushrooms.

“How we fuel ourselves before and after exercise is among the keys to staying on the field or in the gym rather than sick in bed,” explained Watkin. “From active living people to high performance athletes, the Chaga mushroom keeps the immune system strong in the face of frequent exercise. It’s certainly one of the signature elements of PURICA Power.”

PURICA Power is also notable as a low carb option among leading protein powders. There are just 6 grams of Carbohydrate in a 30-gram scoop that contains 110 calories and 0.2 grams of plant-based fats (with no trans fats or hydrogenated oils).  Like all PURICA products, it is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO and is free of preservatives, colours & artificial flavours.

PURICA Power has literally been designed and developed on the strength of the feedback we’ve received over the years from our customers,” said Watkin. “Not only did they encourage us to develop a vegan protein option for them, they made sure to let us know what mattered most to them. We’re confident PURICA Power will more than meet their expectations.”

Among its many attributes is its flavour profile: PURICA Power tastes good with water and mixes well, making it easy to use in so many different ways. It features high protein digestibility, especially when compared to other pea proteins (as measured by industry-leading PDCAAS – Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score).

ProHydrolase® works fast to break down the Pea Protein so that it is small enough to enable the amino acids to pass through the blood barrier in the small intestine, resulting in enhanced bioavailability. Research shows ProHydrolase® results in reduced serum inflammation, which helps rebuild muscle more effectively.

For more information on PURICA Power Vegan Protein or other PURICA natural health foods and supplements, visit www.Purica.com. Media, general practitioners and clients are also invited to follow PURICA on Twitter at www.twitter.com/puricawellness and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/puricawellness.


About PURICA: A Canadian owned and operated natural health food company based in Duncan, B.C., PURICA empowers people with the finest whole food products, supplements and lifestyle solutions. It features a dynamic roster of products such as Recovery, medicinal mushrooms and super foods and also serves as a leader in health products for horses and small animals. www.purica.com @puricawellness

In honour of our anniversary this year (Oct 2017) we have a $5 Off Coupon for Purica’s proteins!  You casn show this coupon at the tills on your phone or print it out.

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