NEW PRODUCT – Party Smart

One capsule for a better morning!

PartySmart is a herbal formulation that rapidly eliminates acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product of alcohol intake. Free from magnesium stearate and synthetic additives, one capsule is all you need for a better morning.

How PartySmart works:
1. Take PartySmart with your first drink of the night
2. Alcohol breaks down into acetaldehyde
3. PartySmart rapidly eliminates acetaldehyde from the blood
4. Wake up feeling better the next morning!

Four double-blind, randomized human clinical trials have proven the effective benefits of PartySmart!

Party Survival – Detoxing After the Celebrations


Cleansing kitPreparation:

In the morning, add Boldocynara, Stinging Nettle and Molkosan or Molkosan Berry in a bottle with 1.5 L of water and drink throughout the day. Repeat for 15 days, twice a year.

Organic is Truly the Best Option

Organic is Truly the Best Option

Here are the top Ten Reasons to Go Organic in Canada

1. Organic products meet strict national standards — The “Canada Organic” logo is the public’s assurance that products have been grown and handled according to strict procedures and rules.

2. Cut back on chemicals! — Many herbicides and insecticides commonly used in agriculture have been found to be carcinogenic, hormone disruptors, or have a negative impact on children’s development. Choosing certified organic products significantly reduces your exposure to chemical residues.

3. Organic farms take water seriously — Organic farmers are required to manage the land and life around water systems very carefully, and are inspected annually. By not using synthetic fertilizers and persistent toxic chemicals, organic farming is also easy on our precious water reserves.

4. Organic farmers work in harmony with nature — Organic agriculture builds healthy ecosystems, and organic farms have higher biodiversity on them and around them, which promotes sustainability and ecological balance.

5. Organic methods reduce pollution and wasted energy— More energy is used to produce synthetic fossil-fuel-based fertilizers than to cultivate and harvest crops or to transport food. Canadian studies have shown that organic farming practices can use as little as half the energy of other farming methods, and help to sequester carbon back into the soil.

6. Protect the health of farmers and children — Farmers exposed to pesticides can have a significantly higher risk of developing cancer compared to non-farmers. Children are relatively more exposed than adults when they ingest pesticide residues in food. Choosing organic products reduces the exposure for children and the farmers who grow their food.

7. Organic farmers build healthy soil — Soil is the foundation of the food chain. Organic farming is focused on using sustainable practices that build healthy soil microbiology and prevent erosion, leaving fertile land that will provide for future generations.

8. Organic farming is good for rural Canada — The Census of Agriculture has shown that, on average, organic farming families earn more from their farms than the typical Canadian farm does, and employ more people per farm too.

9. Organic producers strive to preserve genetic diversity — the loss of a large variety of species (biodiversity) is one of the most pressing environmental concerns of our day. The good news is that many organic farmers have been collecting and preserving seeds and growing heirloom varieties and rare breeds of livestock for decades.

10. Organic is the only non-GMO standard overseen by the Canadian government — organic standards forbid the use of GMOs in seeds, in animal feed, and in the ingredients of processed organic food and products. If you’re concerned about GMOs, think before you eat: think Canada Organic!

This information was provided courtesy of Think Canada Organic in partnership with the Canada Organic Trade Association and with support from Agriculture and AgriFood Canada through Growing Forward 2.
For more reasons why to go organic visit or

Imported products labeled as organic meet U.S. / Canadian standards:

All food labeled as “organic” sold in the United States, regardless of origin, must be certified to USDA organic certification standards, and USDA accredits all certifiers (both domestic and foreign) to the same requirements to uphold the integrity of the organic label.  USDA has revoked the accreditations of foreign certifiers who failed to demonstrate competency and quickly announces the discovery of fraudulent certificates. Despite the rare and isolated occurrences of fraud in the industry, the organic label remains the only regulated claim with federal oversight and enforcement.

The high organic standards set in place by USDA have also encouraged harmonizing organic standards across major markets.  The United States currently has organic equivalency agreements with Canada, the European Union, and Japan. Such agreements promote strong organic programs, protect organic standards, enhance cooperation, and facilitate trade in organic products across regions. This mutual oversight helps ensure the value of organic for consumers.

gleened from:  The Organic Center

Your Health WAKE-UP Call!

By Renew Life Team | December 22, 2014 from the Renew Life Blog

 We all want to be our healthiest selves, there is no question. People spend thousands of dollars a year on healthcare, supplements, gyms, weight loss products and more. But what if there was an underlying issue that is zapping your energy and degrading your health? There is, it is called TOXICITY.

Detoxification is the body’s natural process of elimination or neutralization of toxic materials from cells, organs and the bloodstream. Cleansing is the action of helping your body to perform detoxification more thoroughly. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, then listen up! One of the ways the body protects itself from toxins is to retain fat and water. It holds onto water to dilute water soluble toxins and it stores fat to dilute fat soluble toxins. When you cleanse, you allow the body to release these toxins and the water and fat that can accompany them. Studies have also shown that one of the most common toxins in our environment, organochorines, get stored in our fat cells. They have been shown to reduce metabolic rate and alter appetite hormones. If you want to lose weight permanently, cleansing should be part of your plan.

The good news is that you don’t have to follow extreme diets in order to cleanse your body. There are many herbal cleansing formulations that are designed to work regardless of diet or lifestyle. This is important because cleansing should enhance your life, not interrupt it.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should be cleansing on a regular basis:

  • Constipation
  • Bad breath or body odor
  • Fatigue
  • Poor skin
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Sensitivity to chemicals or perfume smells
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Trouble losing weight especially around the middle
  • Headaches
  • Low libido
  • Suffer from a lot of colds and flus throughout the year
  • Gas and bloating after meals

It is important to look for a total body cleanse that supports each of the body’s seven channels of elimination as these organs work together to detoxify the body. The seven channels of elimination are:

  • The Liver – changes or detoxifies harmful toxins into substances that can be safely eliminated from the body.
  • The Colon – eliminates toxins from the liver as well as the waste which has accumulated in the intestines.
  • The Blood – flows through the vascular system and carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body while removing harmful waste.
  • The Lymphatic System – eliminates poisons from cells through a network of vessels that extend throughout the body.
  • The Skin – eliminates waste and toxins through perspiration.
  • The Lungs – expel toxins through breathing (ex. Carbon dioxide). Deep breathing stimulates lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins.
  • The Kidneys – receive water-soluble waste from the liver, so that they can be further filtered and finally eliminated through the bladder.

Depending on your state of health, you can experience a range of results while cleansing. Customers report results ranging from weight loss, increased energy, improved health and vitality, clearer thinking, brighter complexion and an increase in bowel movements (quantity and volume). If you have a high level of toxicity you may experience symptoms like headaches, flu like symptoms and skin break outs when you start the program but these should subside within a few days.

If you are serious about improving your health this year, make cleansing part of your health maintenance plan. You won’t believe how much better you’ll feel!

Take the toxicity quiz and discover which Renew Life cleansing program is right for you by downloading our“Detoxify for Vibrant Health” booklet.

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