Unsure Which Probiotic Is Right For You?

Check out this great infographic from Udo’s Choice, explaining what each of their probiotics is best used for:


Udo’s Choice® Probiotic Blends:
The Right Probiotic for Everyone in the Family

Super 5 Plus
Lozenge Probiotic

NPN 80022374
  • Delicious raspberry-flavoured lozenges freshen breath by supporting proper oral and intestinal health.
Super 8 Plus Probiotic

NPN 80022377

  • Formulated to help maintain yeast balance.
Super Bifido Plus Probiotic

NPN 80022248

  • Formulated for maximum lower bowel supportin adults 19 years of age and older with sensitive digestive systems.
Super Toddler’s Probiotic

NPN 80022246

  • A concentrated powder easily added to juice bottled formula or milk, smoothies and yogurt.
  • This formula elevates low levels of B. infantis in Caesarian-delivered and bottle-fed babies, resulting in gut microflora resembling that of healthy breastfed infants.
Super Children’s Probiotic

NPN 80022242

  • Designed to meet the digestive needs of children because of a formulation that mimics normal healthy childhood microflor.
Super Adult Probiotic

NPN 80022688

  • Formulated to bolster natural microflora foroptimal digestion.
Super Advanced Adult Probiotic

NPN 80022690

  • Formulated to promote health and longevity ofhealthy microflora in both the small and large intestines.
  • Includes greater concentrations of Bifidobacteria per serving than our Super Adult Probiotic.

Reasons to choose Udo’s Choice® Probiotics

• Right Formulation
No fermented foods, nutraceuticals, prebiotics, vitamins or minerals, no additives, no yeast and no Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) – only pure, concentrated living probiotic bacteria with guaranteed potency up to the date of expiry.
• Right Strains
We only use medicinal human, plant and dairy strains.
• Right Quantities
We can guarantee billions of live friendly bacteria at the printed expiration date because of our:
• Special moisture- and oxygen-resistant capsules.
• Independent (third-party) laboratory analysis for potency and purity.
• Premium packaging: recyclable, nitrogen-flushed glass bottles and metal caps that do not allow air or light to affect the contents.

We’re Blogging!

We at the Organic Grocer are super excited to be offering you this blog!  We’re looking forward to featuring all our new products as well as some picks that have recently gotten our staff really pumped up.  Also, we look forward to telling you about what’s happening in our neighbourhood and our wider communities.  

Our knowledgeable staff members will keep you apprised as exciting products and events come up, so be sure to check our blog to find out what’s happening in our store and around town.  

Let us tell you a bit more about our philosophy – so you know what you’re supporting when you shop with The Organic Grocer.  We’re always looking for new, fresh products with an ecological twist.  When we consider new products for our customers we feel it pertinent to ask some provocative questions such as: 
 – Is it organic? If not, is the product wild harvested or crafted or – as is true of many of our products – is the product organically grown but not yet certified?  
 – Does the company operate with a social consciousness?  Do they pay fair wages, and trade fairly?  
 – How does the company’s actions affect the environment they operate in and harvest from?  What kind of environmental support does the company participate in?
 – Does the company participate in the Non-GMO Project or a similar code of ethics?
 – Does the company follow good manufacturing practices?    
 –  Is the product third party tested and, if so, who does the testing?
 –  What is the country of origin of the product’s ingredients?  If the product comes from abroad – what are the conditions in the origin country?  Can we source a high quality local alternative?
 –  Is the product an animal product?  If so – what were the animal’s living conditions?  Do the farms the company sources from use ethical practices?  Do they adhere to a code of ethics?  Do they meet the SPCA’s standards for animal welfare?  
 – What kind of packaging does the company use?  Is the packaging recyclable?  Are the packages made from post consumer recycled materials?  Is the packaging biodegradable?  Why did the company choose the packaging they did (perhaps the only source of glass is in China right now, so they choose a local BPA-free plastic supplier instead.)

With all these questions in mind, and with a keen eye for quality ingredients, we’re finding some pretty spectacular products that we’re really excited to share with our community.   And we want to be a bigger part of our community too.  We’re excited to become more involved in events that fit with our core values and build strong community bonds, so watch for us out and about this year!

And don’t forget to check back to our blog regularly and watch our Twitter and Facebook feeds because exciting things are happening here at the Organic Grocer!

~Lisa, RHN

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