boldo liquidThere are times when we can’t help but neglect our diet, replacing nutritious whole foods with fast snacks loaded with calories but lacking in nutrients. Bloating, nausea and indigestion
usually result. At these times, natural remedies can help, and they are good preventive medicines. Boldocynara® for example will help your liver deal with heavy, fatty or greasy and processed foods.


Boldocynara® is a complex of herbs especially designed to activate your liver and help it deal with excesses. It prompts the liver and gallbladder into producing bile which will help you digest more comfortably. Boldocynara® contains extracts that contribute many active principles. Cynarin from artichoke for example, is a known cholesterolytic, (breaks up cholesterol). It also contains the components of milk thistle extract, which protect the liver cells from toxicity. Notably, silymarin and silybin protect the liver from toxicity and thus the entire system from intoxication.
All of the components of Boldocynara® contribute active principles that protect the liver, reduce and prevent accumulation of cholesterol, help to increase the production of bile and encourage evacuation of bile.

Boldo tabletsOverall, Boldocynara® helps your digestive tract deal with fats and prevents them from just sitting there and becoming rancid. The next time your schedule prevents you from eating healthfully, try a little Boldocynara® before your meal.


Boldocynara is an integral part of the A.Vogel 15 Day Detox Program along side Molkosan and Stinging Nettle.



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