Are all Melatonin Equal?

Natural or Synthetic: One would assume that melatonin is melatonin, but that is clearly not the case.


Two forms of melatonin exist in the general market. One is the natural form which comes from the pineal gland of animals. It can be mixed with unknown synthetic material or unknown synthetic material free from animal tissues. Life Choice® Melapure® Melatonin uses a patented synthetic form following the same chemical pathway as natural melatonin; it is USP pharmaceutical grade and protected by a drug manufacturing file. Being a USP grade of synthetic melatonin, it is safer to use because it is free from biological contaminants. Naturally-sourced melatonin, on the other hand, may pose a risk to humans because it can be contaminated with animal viruses.


As a background, there are 3 grades for raw material: pharmaceutical (which meets pharmaceutical standards of purity 97.5%+); food grade, which meets the standards for human consumption (more added fillers) and without quality testing oversite; and feed grade, which meets the standards for animal consumption (low quality, not much regulation) and less quality testing oversite. The lower grades are mixed with fillers, etc. and the amount put in the capsule will be more likely to vary (at times, vary widely, as recent studies have shown), while the USP standard must be pure and exact–this makes all the difference in what people’s experience with melatonin will be.

Melatonin derived from unknown non-USP sources may cause side effects. The pineal gland is very sensitive, and melatonin is the hormone the pineal gland uses for producing serotonin. Do you think triggering such an important gland whose bodily functions control the sleep/wake cycle, reproductive development and target both the central and peripheral nervous system tissues should come from a source that is patented and secure? Can you imagine stimulating this gland with an animal pineal gland or animal mixed with unknown synthetic sources? It is no wonder why Chinese sources are associated with such radical side effects. As a price comparison, Chinese melatonin raw material is less than $200 per kg, while the raw material Life Choice uses costs up to 700% more. What are the benefits of such expensive patented raw material? The benefits are twofold: first, the material is clinically tested and scientifically researched, and specifically used in dedicated clinical trials, and secondly, the quality is consistently high with each order. After the raw material testing stage, all our products are manufactured at third party GMP facilities, and then third party after product tested to ensure an arms-length distance at every manufacturing interval. We do everything in our power to ensure that the label matches the contents and to ensure that the product is therapeutic.

The price for this high quality raw material is worth every penny, as the patented USP material is used in all scientific research. Naturally-sourced melatonin that comes from the pineal gland of animals, and or mixed with unknown synthetic material may pose a risk to humans because it can be contaminated with animal viruses or environmental toxins. Synthetically-sourced, Melapure® Melatonin is safer to use because it is free from all biological contaminants. It is derived synthetically from 5-Methoxytryptamine; it is synthesized through a chemical pathway and produces a number of important chemicals, including serotonin, as intermediates. The patented formula takes a total of four reactions to bring about the change, and each of these reactions requires its own specific enzyme. One of these enzymes acts as the rate-limiting enzyme in the reaction pathway, and its activity determines how much melatonin is produced.

The rhythm or pathway for 5-methoxytryptamine that Melapure® Melatonin uses appears the same used for serotonin. The identification has been confirmed by analysis with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry.

Although raw material sourcing is crucial—especially for melatonin—how the product is blended also impacts effectiveness. If we consider the active ingredient as being 3 mg, when encapsulated in the standard size “2” capsule, the total fill weight will be 370 mg with 367 mgs of fillers, and in tablets, the fillers are even more. If encapsulated in size “0,” the total fill weight would be 680 mg or 677 mg of filler. In perspective, a large pharmaceutical company would run a minimum of 100 million plus capsules, using 300 kgs of melatonin and 36,900 kgs of filler. It is perfectly understandable why each capsule is vastly different in the melatonin content, for blending equally is next to impossible. Life Choice® produces small batch runs of 133,000 capsules and encapsulate into size “4” vegetarian capsules with a total fill weight of 210 mg. This lower yield gives an equal distribution of melatonin per capsule.

If you have had bad experiences with melatonin, could it be because the melatonin was carelessly manufactured? Environmental toxins can affect the unstable molecule that releases melatonin from the pineal gland. Melatonin is a hormone, and because it is, hormones must be USP pharmaceutical grade. Otherwise, users run the risk of nightmares and other bad experiences. Have you tried our Melapure® Melatonin? Available in both capsule and liquid forms, every aspect of Melapure® Melatonin is made with the utmost care. If you are looking for a better melatonin experience, try Melapure® today.


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FEATURED PRODUCT: Ultimate Maca Energy by Brad King

Ultimate Maca Energy 

Ultimate Maca Energy is made with 100% pure, traditionally sundried, natural and certified organic maca root grown exclusively in the Andean highland zones of Peru at altitudes of 14,000 ft. Ultimate Maca Energy maca root has many health benefits and scientifically tested properties. In addition to being a source of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids and complex carbohydrates, Ultimate Maca Energy also contains an impressive array of bioactive components and antioxidants, which are responsible for its numerous benefits.

The Various Benefits of Maca

Maca is a well-known and powerful adaptogen, which means that it is a substance that helps to increase the body’s natural resistance to environmental stresses. Recent human clinical studies have provided convincing scientific evidence supporting supplementation for healthy mood balance during menopause.

How Maca Works

Maca is loaded with vital nutrients in bioavailable forms which assist the body in its on-going process of regeneration, ultimately helping to replenish and recuperate from different problems and providing ultimate balance and wellbeing. Its actions focus mainly on the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, assisting the body in balancing hormones. This is where the main benefits associated with maca can be noted (e.g. mood balance).

University Certified

Ultimate Maca Energy is certified by the Natural Agricultural U
niversity of La Molina in Peru and also by Skal. The National Agricultural University of La Molina in Peru is an independent entity funded by the government of Peru that oversees all the agricultural and related activities in different areas of the country.

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No more PMS, Period Problems, Fibroids, Acne & More

Acne, period problems, ovarian and breast cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, PMS and more are telling you your hormones are out of balance. ESTROsmart balances hormones using safe plant nutrients that make periods effortless whether you have heavy, long, scant, painful or irregular periods. ESTROsmart stops abnormal cell growth associated with uterine fibroids and polyps: breast lumps and ovarian cysts. ESTROsmart is a girl’s best friend eliminating acne and PMS. ESTROsmart brings your estrogen back into the normal range and elevates progesterone naturally. ESTROsmart is for, every woman every day, to make hormone problems become a thing of the past.


Stop Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Smart women want to stop hot flashes and night sweats quickly and safely and that is why they have shied away from hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and estrogenic therapies. MENOsmart plus is a fast acting effective treatment that eliminates hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. MENOsmart plus contains non-estrogenic ingredients including sage, black cohosh, dong quai, gamma oryzanol, vitex and hesperidin to provide rapid relief of menopausal symptoms. Black cohosh is so safe that it has been used in women with estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer who were taking the drug Tamoxifen. Vitex, another herb in MENOsmart plus, helps to enhance progesterone levels and reduces male facial hair growth in menopausal women. If you using HRT (synthetic or bioidentical) and still get hot flashes and night sweats, take MENOsmart plus along with your HRT to ensure that you never have to suffer again.


Reverse Low thyroid, Stop Weight Gain and Constipation

Low thyroid affects 23% of Canadians. And another 30% have not been diagnosed due to problems with the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test. The common symptoms of low thyroid include: weight gain and stubborn weight loss, cold hands and feet, dry skin, hair loss, constipation, low mood, no sex drive and irritability. THYROsmart licensed by Health Canada to support low thyroid works quickly to bring your TSH back into the normal range, increase T4 and improve the conversion of T4 to the more potent T3. Low thyroid makes you feel like you are pushing yourself through the day. THYROsmart is safe and effective and works fast to optimize thyroid health.


Conquer Stress, Improve Sleep and Boost Energy

Chronic stress negatively affects the adrenal glands causing adrenal exhaustion. In women who are going through menopause the adrenals are the back-up hormone system making estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone. Women who have good functioning adrenals have virtually no menopause symptoms. And if your adrenals are tired you just can’t handle stress, you develop belly fat weight gain, you fall asleep fine but wake up several hours later and can’t fall back to sleep and you need coffee to keep you going. The answer to adrenal exhaustion is ADRENAsmart. ADRENAsmart, is a powerful herbal formula that makes you feel calm and relaxed, aids insomnia and helps you deal with life’s stressors.


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What is Reishi?

Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), commonly known as Ling Zhi in Chinese, is a herbal mushroom known to have miraculous health benefits.

So what’s so good about red reishi?

  • It is non-toxic and can be taken daily without any side effects
  • When it is taken regularly, it can restore the body to its natural state, enabling all organs to function normally
  • Immune modulator – it regulates and fine tunes the immune system

What are the benefits of Reishi?

Red Reishi improves liver function

Red Reishi is primarily composed of complex carbohydrates called water-soluble polysaccharides, triterpeniods, proteins and amino acids. Researchers have identified that water-soluble polysaccharides are the most active element found in Red Reishi that have anti-tumour, immune modulating and blood pressure lowering effects.

Another major active ingredient found in Red Reishi are triterpenes , called ganoderic acids. Preliminary studies indicated that ganoderic acids help alleviate common allergies by inhibiting histamine release, improve oxygen utilization and improve liver functions. Triterpenes are bitter in taste and the level of the triterpene content contained in a product can be determined by the bitterness.

Red Reishi enhance our body’s immune system

Regular consumption of red Reishi can enhance our body’s immune system and improve blood circulation, thus improving better health conditions. Generally, Reishi is recommended as an adaptogen, immune modulator, and a general tonic. Red Reishi is also used to help treat anxiety, high blood pressure, hepatitis, bronchitis, insomnia, and asthma. 

Is there any evidence?

A considerable number of studies in Japan , China , USA , and the UK in the past 30 years have shown that the consumption of red Reishi has been linked to the treatment of a vast range of diseases, common ailments, and conditions. From asthma to zoster, the applications of red Reishi seem to be related to a multitude of body organs and systems.

However, most of the scientific research that has been conducted appears to strongly support red Reishi’s role as a normalizing substance – a nutritional supplement that can yield medical benefits through its normalization and regulation of the body’s organs and functions.

The role of Red Reishi in maintaining a healthy lifestyle can best be explained through the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view because none of the known active components taken alone is as more effective than the consumption of Reishi itself. Whereas Western medicine focuses on the “cure” after the disease has already occurred, TCM, established through over 2,000 years of human observation, focuses on disease prevention by sustaining the right balance within the body through proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation. Reishi is an important adaptogenic herb in TCM in helping the body maintain this balance and also restore the balance when one is sick.

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