If You Live and Breathe in Today’s Society, Cleansing Might Be a Good Idea

By Caroline Farquhar RHN, BA, EMP

Every day we hear more and more about the devastating effects of widespread pollution on our planet’s environment. But how often do we stop to consider its effect on our own bodies? With more than 80,000 chemicals currently in use today and 1,000 more introduced each year, we can no longer deny that we are living in a toxic world. More and more research is showing links between chemical exposure and disease and since we don’t live in a bubble, what can we do about it? One of the answers is to detoxify through cleansing.

Natural cleansing formulas are designed to support the innate processes by which the body gets rid of toxins and waste. A total-body formula ensures a complete cleansing experience and is often the best way to begin your detoxification journey.

CleanseSMART is our top selling cleanse becuase it’s so easy to use!

A total body cleanse is one that supports each of the body’s seven channels of elimination—the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin and lymphatic system. Together, these vital organs and systems work nonstop to purge and eliminate harmful toxins from deep within the cells and tissues. A total body cleansing formula will help to clear the detoxification pathways and jumpstart the body’s natural cleansing ability.


CleanseSMART is a unique, 30 day all natural herbal cleanse, formulated specifically to stimulate the cleansing and detoxification process of the body’s 7 channels of elimination. It is a simple 2 part, 30-day advanced cleansing program. Most of the herbs are extracts in a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio. This means they are 4 or 5 times more concentrated than a whole, raw herb. Part 1 is an organ detox formula, and part 2 is a colon cleansing formula that contains magnesium hydroxide to hydrate the colon, along with cape aloe, triphala and rhubarb to stimulate peristalsis, which helps to achieve the ideal 2-3 bowel movements a day. No strict diet is required while doing CleanseSMART but there are dietary suggestions in the box.

Herbal cleansing can help you feel your best every day. Talk to your natural health care practitioner if you’re unsure about whether it’s right for you. They can help you take the first step toward a healthier new you.

Caroline Farquhar is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, digestive care specialist, public speaker and frequent TV and radio educator in the area of natural health.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Digest-Force by Prairie Naturals

digest-force-120-v-caps-300ccDigest-Force Activates Healthy Digestion! 

Indigestion is a pain. Literally. More people suffer from chronic indigestion than from any other condition. Activate good digestion quickly with Digest-ForceTM Activated Coconut Charcoal & Ginger Root Extract, the newest member in Prairie Naturals Digestive Health product category.

What are the Ingredients in Digest-Force & What Do They Do?

Digest-Force combines the therapeutic power of activated charcoal from coconut husks with ginger root extract. Blending traditional practices with herbal medicine, this unique formula provides rapid relief from indigestion safely and effectively.


• Charcoal from Coconut Husks – It’s a fact that our planet’s original detoxifying agent is charcoal! Prairie Naturals coconut charcoal is “activated” through a carbonproducing process using high heat, pressure and steam. This process expands the therapeutic “adsorption” (suction) effect of charcoal by making it more porous and expanding its surface area. Prairie Naturals Digest-ForceTM formula with activated coconut charcoal has the distinct power to neutralize and eliminate various toxic substances (including allergens) by binding them unto itself and moving them safely out of the body. In fact, activated charcoal has proven so effective and safe that it is routinely used in hospitals as an antidote to drug and poison toxicity!


• Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) Extract (10:1) – This traditional medicinal is revered as one of the world’s most ancient and effective digestive remedies. Extensive scientific analyses indicate that the primary active constituents (phytochemical terpenes gingerol and shogaol, along with oleoresin) aid & protect the digestive tract. The therapeutic use of ginger extract immediately reduces indigestion, gas, bloating and nausea.


 10 Important Things You Need to Know About Digest-Force

  • Digest-Force provides an adsorption function that has a detoxifying effect.
  • Digest-Force combines activated coconut charcoal combined with ginger extract to rapidly alleviate the pain and discomfort of bloating and gas.
  • Digest-Force neutralizes excessive stomach acid; relieves ulcers and acid reflux.
  • Digest-Force remedies the discomfort caused by overeating and eating irritating, allergenic foods.
  • Digest-Force is an integral part of every digestive health and detoxification program.
  • Digest-Force quickly and safely alleviates symptoms of indigestion and intestinal distress.
  • Digest-Force helps to heal intestinal inflammation.
  • Digest-Force combats food poisoning, toxins and pollutants.
  • Digest-Force reduces intestinal infections from viral, bacterial, yeast and mold sources.
  • Digest-Force corrects many of the root causes of diarrhea effectively.


FEATURED PRODUCT: Marseille’s Remedy Thieves’ Oil & Balm: Ancient Remedy for Modern Times

marseilles-remedy-product-photo-6The Folklore

In 1413, as the bubonic plague decimated France, thieves were arrested for robbing dead and dying plague victims, a crime punishable by burning alive.  The judge offered them leniency for their terrible crimes if they would share the secret which enabled them to expose themselves to the plague without contracting it.  The thieves explained that they were perfume makers and spice merchants who were unemployed due to the closure of France’s sea ports.  They had prepared a special herbal infusion which they applied to their hands, ears, feet, masks, and temples and this protected them from infection.  As promised, the judge did not burn the men alive…He hanged them instead.  Soon after, plague doctors began to wear beak-like masks stuffed with absorbent material soaked in the Thieves’ blend to protect them from disease.

The Thieves’ original blend, containing vinegar and garlic, was known primarily as Vinaigre de Marseille. This formula was marketed by medical suppliers as the first line of defence for hundreds of years, and has been a staple of pestilent prevention in every plague since its formulation. The rise of the modern pharmacopeia saw this staple placed in the pages of forgotten history. Marseille’s Remedy is the most traditional concentrated form of this time- honoured recipe. Its applications are numerous, as a treatment for all of life’s hygienic needs.

A Powerful, Versatile Remedy

Marseille’s Remedy is an all-natural blend of five pure, high-grade, therapeutic essential oils used to improve wellness, health, and vitality. It consists of the organic, steam-distilled oils of Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, plus the true cold-pressed oil of Lemon. These are sourced from Sri Lanka (the first two), Australia, France and Italy, respectively. This authentic blend naturally balances, safeguards, and synergizes (or strengthens) the healing properties of various essential oil constituents.

It can be mixed with any carrier oil for topical use, vinegar or soap for cleaning, baking soda for teeth, or used directly in a diffuser to purify air.

Its applications and usages are many, and when applied correctly, Marseille’s Remedy is a very effective antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral treatment.

We have received many happy testimonials from customers, including in successfully treating acne, boils, warts, cold sores, and colds/coughs amongst their families, to refreshing indoor air quality, eliminating their pet’s fleas, or wiping out surface molds, among others.

Suggested Uses:

  • Clears phlegm and congested airways
  • Relieves inflammation due to sprain/strain/rheumatoid arthritis
  • Antispasmodic for symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort
  • Eliminates airborne pathogens and foul odours
  • Antifungal: Feet, hands, scalp, and mold remediation
  • Use as hand sanitizer or all-purpose cleaner
  • Can aid in the treatment and prevention of topical infectious ailments
  • Deters mites, lice, worms, fleas, and mosquitoes


  • Topical: Combine 2 drops of Marseilles Remedy with 40 drops of carrier oil, and massage into skin, muscles, or joints.
  • Direct Inhalation: For cough and cold, apply 2 to 6 drops undiluted product to a handkerchief/tissue and inhale. Alternatively, diffuse in boiling water or in an essential oil diffuser.
  • Household: Mix with soapy water, or diluted vinegar, to clean, and sanitize. Use undiluted to remediate mold around the house, or deter pests.


Thieves’ Balm:

The Balm is like having a popular muscle rub product combined with the favorite leading chest rub, merged into one effective and all-natural ointment. It contains over 50% of the Marseille’s Thieves’ Oil blend, plus some grapeseed oil and beeswax for pleasant texture, plus a warming natural camphor, and a soothing, deeply penetrating natural menthol (peppermint oil compound).

The balm is effective for many of the aforementioned uses, but also can “stick” longer to the skin, so is better suited for continual topical treatments, such as in respiratory disorders, or for joint or muscle aches or injury areas.

Some parents have reported how quickly it acted as an expectorant to help expel their child’s chest cold, and many clients have had success treating symptoms of back or other body pain. Recurrent daily use can help the body modulate the inflammatory response, and resolve conditions more easily.

Since Marseille’s Remedy is a concentrated, undiluted pure blend, use responsibly. Avoid contact with eyes, membranes, or other sensitive body areas. Read label before using.


Have a Cheerful and Healthy Autumn and Winter!

FEATURED PRODUCT: Garcinia Plus by Organika

OHP_Garcinia_Infograph-01 SUMMARY:  Garcinia Plus provides a great source of Garcinia Cambogia, as well as a combination of other potent weight management ingredients that include:

Apple Cider Vinegar

These components provide a great source of antioxidants to reduce oxidative damage to skin and tissues, as well as helping to digest major food elements and regulating glucose metabolism.

As a strong source of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), Garcinia Plus helps to prevent fat storage from accumulating within the body, leaving fatty acids readily available for metabolism as an energy source.

Garcinia Plus supports healthy glucose and metabolism with a combination of Garcinia Cambogia, Bromelain, Chromium, and other components essential to metabolism and weight management.


  • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats for better overall health.
  • Provides support for healthy glucose metabolism to help balance energy levels.
  • Moderate appetite suppressant to promote weight loss and better digestive health.


Garcinia Plus® for Weight Management and Balanced Healthy Living

When you’re looking to improve your health or lose weight, the only honest long term solution is making a lifestyle change. The key to sustainable healthy living is to remember that it’s what you do most of the time that truly counts. Sustainable healthy living should never feel like deprivation; it should however, boost your energy, support healthy weight management and improve mood. This can be easily achieved with a combination of healthy eating habits, exercise and nutrient support, such as Garcinia Plus®. Here are some tips to send you on the right path for your newGarcina 1 healthy lifestyle:

Eating for Health

Eat Clean: Michael Pollen said it best, “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” The intention should be to eat a clean whole foods-based diet. Simply by eating foods as they are naturally from the earth greatly improves the quality of nutrition you can get from each meal. If the food you’re eating bears little resemblance to its original natural state, you’re likely missing out on important micro-nutrients and phytonutrients you could’ve otherwise been eating.

Control Portions: Eating the right portions of foods is essential for weight management. A good general rule of thumb is that half your plate should be vegetables at every single meal. Make it half a plate of salad, or half a plate of broccoli for example. Your portion of protein is also important to consider. That steak that’s that size of half of your plate at the restaurant, it should actually realistically be about the size of your fist.

Stabilize blood sugar: When blood sugar goes through spikes and drops, it can affect your energy levels. Eating fats and proteins can help to keep blood sugar in balance by reducing the speed at which foods breaks down as glucose in the blood. Eating a diet high in sugars and refined carbohydrates can contribute to insulin resistance, meaning the sugar you eat can’t effectively enter the cell to be used for energy. The body then produces higher amount of insulin to work harder to remove the sugar from the bloodstream. Insulin resistance can contribute to feelings of brain fog and fatigue, as well as cravings for sweets1.


Move Your BodyGarcinia - 2

Exercise is important for weight management, heart health, muscle building and metabolism.2 The gym is a great place to go when it’s raining, or to learn new exercises based on your goals if you’re working with a personal trainer, but for some, the gym can be intimidating. Keep in mind, exercise doesn’t have to only be about going to the gym, there are numerous ways you can get out and move your body, the most important part is that you enjoy what you’re doing. Try a yoga class, go for a bike ride, jog outside, go hiking, or take dance classes, or try a few different things to keep things fresh.


Nutrient Support

Certain nutrients can help you transition to a healthier lifestyle and assist in weight management.

Organika® Garcinia Plus® contains a combination of 5 ingredients that help to support metabolism and glucose management essential to maintaining a healthy weight:

Garcinia Cambogia: Containing hydroxycitric acid, garcinia cambogia acts as a mild appetite suppressant by temporarily increasing feelings of fullness

Bromelain: Derived from pineapple stem, bromelain aids in the digestion of protein, carbohydrates and fats, as well as helping to relieve symptoms of indigestion

Apple Cider Vinegar: Boosts the metabolism of carbs, fats and proteins

Chromium: Supports healthy glucose metabolism by improving insulin sensitivity

Spirulina: Provides a source of protein to assist in muscle repair and growth







Pretox: Preparing to Detox

The digestive system takes a bit of a hammering during the festive winter months. For many people, too much alcohol and fatty foods can give rise to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, poor skin, sluggish bowels and nausea. Spring is the perfect time for detox.


The key to a successful detox is preparation

Many people give up on their detox program too soon because they feel rotten—headachy, have bad breath or even spots.

Follow this advice two weeks before starting your detox:

  1. Drink lots of water
    5 to 2 litres daily to start flushing out the urinary tract.
  2. Wean yourself off coffee, non-herbal tea and soft drinks
    it makes the detox easier.
  3. Boost circulation with exercise
    at least a brisk 10-minute walk in the fresh air daily.
  4. Eat more fruit, vegetables and whole foods
    Avoid processed and refined foods and alcohol.
  5. Relax
    Unwind for at least 30 minutes before going to bed to encourage a better sleep.

Once the body is better prepared for a detox and able to dispose of the toxins that are released, the whole process is a piece of cake!! There are herbs that can help ease those toxins out of your system such as Milk Thistle, Boldocynara or the A.Vogel 15-day Detox kit.

Shopping list:

Fresh fruits and veggies, chickpeas, aduki beans, lima beans, kidney beans, green or red lentils, wheat-free pasta, rice cakes, oatcakes, humus, dairy-free milk, yogurt, cheese, Bambu coffee substitute, herbal tea, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, fruit bars…

Avoid these Foods

Red meat, burgers, fried food, wheat, sugar, dairy products, alcohol, coffee, tea, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, sweets…

Digestive tract cleanse: The effect of acid alkaline imbalance

We spend lots of money and heaps of effort keeping our houses, clothes and children clean and tidy. We worry about germs getting into our food and beasties burrowing into our beds.

Who, though, is worrying about how to make sure our internal waste disposal systems are cleaning up inside us? What if we have glistening external surfaces and heaps of gunge inside? One thing you can be sure of – if you are mucky inside, sooner or later it will show outside.

There are two main sources of toxins inside the body:

Waste produced in the body as a by-product of metabolism – the cells absorb nutrients and excrete wastes, like little microcosms of our bodies themselves.

Toxic material absorbed in food, drink and through the lungs and skin – pollutants from the outside world. These toxins have to be removed from the body, and the correct procedure is that they leave via one of three main exit routes: the bowel, the urinary tract and the lungs. These exit routes then are of prime importance. If any of them are not working properly, the toxic burden in the body will rise.

A particularly common problem is a sluggish bowel! The body has a couple of ‘emergency exits’ to use if the main exits are blocked or sluggish; it can push toxins out through the skin, the mucous membranes and, in women, the menstrual blood. The lymphatic system will also have to deal with more toxins than usual and may become sluggish, causing recurrent swelling of the glands.

Thus, people whose exits have become bottlenecked are more likely to have skin problems, catarrhal congestion and heavy periods. They will also get cystitis and other urinary tract infections (UTIs) more easily, and feel lethargic and run down as their liver, one of the organs in charge of energy production, struggles to cope with the recycled toxins. Keeping yourself sparkling clean on the inside will therefore enable you to present a pristine exterior to the world.

What do I do to undertake a little internal spring cleaning?

When attempting to lighten the toxic burden within the body, it is vital to open the exit routes first. Many detox programs come straight in with big changes to the diet and cleansing regimes that cause an outpouring of toxins, without ensuring that these toxins can leave the body. This type of program makes you feel terrible, for no eventual benefit. All pain, no gain. First we must open the exit routes and encourage plentiful emptying of toxins into the outside world…

Let’s be gentle about all this though – detox doesn’t have to be a penance. Start by drinking 1.5 liters of still water every day, to flush out the urinary tract. You may also like to introduce Nettle tea into your daily routine. Nettles have a beneficial blood-cleansing action and make you feel energised and refreshed. If you really hate the tea or want a stronger effect, you can take nettle (Urtica) tincture, 20 drops twice a day before meals.

Improve your diet, cutting out the obvious rubbish such as take-away food, white flour, white sugar, coffee, fried food and alcohol. (Not easy, I know, but you will have to cut out all alcohol for a while. Still, it’s worth it.) Start getting a blast of fresh air every day. It need only be a brisk ten minute walk around the block, but it needs to be regular, to get your lymphatic system (which depends on muscle movement) and your lungs working. An hour once a week in a stuffy gym is just not the same as a daily trot around outside!

If your bowel is particularly stubborn, start using a mixture of Linseed, Frangula and Senna (depending on the degree of stubbornness) to get it moving. It is a strong remedy for a sluggish bowel, and needs to be taken cautiously to start with, in case an over-enthusiastic dose glues you to the loo… If your bowel is already quite obliging, you would only need to take the lowest dose. If this proves too powerful for you, cut it out completely. Do bear in mind that if you are used to going to the loo once every two to three days, having two to three bowel movements per day may feel excessive; but actually it is ideal, so don’t panic.

A complex containing Milk Thistle is a fantastic remedy for an overworked, hung-over liver, struggling with the toxic burden placed upon it daily. Indications that the liver is not in peak condition are bad periods, bad skin, a metallic taste in the mouth, unfair weight gain especially around the abdomen, lethargy, problems with temperature regulation, and anaemia. As well as Milk Thistle, the tincture contains Dandelion root, Globe Artichoke, Peppermint and Boldo. Pop 15 to 20 drops into a little water twice a day.

Dandelion root is also doing wonderful things for the liver and gall-bladder. It is an excellent cleansing agent, being one of the most effective detoxifying herbs. It possesses a wide range of active constituents and is also rich in minerals and nutrients.

Also, make sure that the urinary tract is well cleansed and strengthen with herbs. If your diet revolves around chocolate, coffee, fizzy drinks, sweets, you may well feel some bladder symptoms, such as pain when passing urine, feeling an urgent need to urinate, even when there’s little urine to pass or sometimes pain will travel to the lower abdomen or lower back. A complex containing Uva-ursi wil eases bladder and urinary tract irritation as well as the resulting back pain or discomforts.

These herbs will provide an excellent Detox program. Use them together with the dietary advice for at least ten days, more if you feel like it. It is especially good to do in the spring and autumn, when the body is contemplating detoxing anyway.

by Alison Cullen


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