Bunny’s Story …

It was an amazing rescue. About a year ago, Organic Grocer staff and customers spent about 15 minutes rescuing a three and a half week bunny from under the parked parks in front of the store. She was disconcertingly young—no one really expected she would live. One of Organic Grocer’s staff members—Leslie 2—happened to have two other house rabbits at home and a third cage sitting empty. She decided to take the hapless bunny to her place and see if she could save it although she felt slightly skeptical due to its very young age. Also, the bunny was overwhelmed and afraid, her eyes bulging and rolling white in their sockets. Her countenance wasn’t encouraging, however, the bunny was energetic and seemed healthy.


Once home, the bunny was placed on Leslie’s husband’s shoulder where it immediately cuddled into his neck. She was still too terrified to eat anything. They placed a leaf of Organic Grocer’s organic red dandelions beside the bunny and hoped for the best. She ignored it for hours. If a rabbit doesn’t eat regularly and their gut becomes empty, natural peristalsis stops (wave-like motions that push food through the intestines) and the rabbit will die. It was beginning to look like a palliative care situation, keeping her comfortable before she expired. Then the unexpected happened.


Bunny ate the dandelion. Encouraged, they gave her more, which she ate ravenously. This changed everything. Leslie 2 crushed up rabbit pellets, rolling them into a powder with a marble pie roller, adding water to make a thin paste and then bottle feeding it to her.


Try and imagine that orange-coloured bunny–small enough to hold in the palm of your hand–wrapped up in a face-cloth, her comically large feet sticking like a cartoon character while she suckled that bottle for all she was worth. It was heart-warming and encouraging. Maybe she would live. She was settled into a largish cage where she immediately pressed her nose into the corner, blocking the world out. If she made it the night, she would have a chance.  It would mean peristalsis was still happening, that food was still moving along her gut.


The next morning, she was standing in the same corner, but face out. The paste-coated dandelions that were left in the cage were gone. She had eaten them and was waiting for more. It was obvious this bunny was a survivor. After being bottle-fed again, she was taken to the vet for a check-up and proper bunny formula.  The vet pronounced her healthy but cautioned that she was also very young—survival was not guaranteed. The effort to save her stepped up.


She spent her first week on the couch, observing the other mature rabbits. After that, she hopped down onto the floor, mimicking their behavior. Within days, she was crunching on real pellets, taking her place within the rabbit family.


Throughout the past year, the customers who had participated in or had witnessed the rescue at the store have inquired as to the bunny’s progression. We are pleased to say she has grown into a beautiful tawny red female, happy and very affectionate.

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