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What is a Cleanse or Detox Program?

What is a Cleanse or Detox Program?

Guest blog post by: 
Chef Colette Nickerson
Founder and Owner of Body Fuels Inc.
Vancouver, BC
What is a cleanse or detox program?
A cleanse or detox program is a period of time where you choose to either eat a diet that eliminates refined foods, chemicals,  harmful, toxic and addictive substances, common allergens, acidic and hard to digest foods or possibly shutting down the entirety of the digestive system with only liquids and perhaps sometimes nutritional supplements.
To do this is to create a less acidic or alkaline environment in the gut which then helps to rid the body of residual waste deposits, mucous and accumulated toxins which are congested in the body and creates a finely tuned machine that runs more smoothly. 
The body is a miracle and through cleansing you can boost your gut health to more readily absorb nutrition and power start the immune response to all bodily functions.  You will be able to receive better quality signals as to what your body needs to repair, rebuild and to support your personal best health and wellness.
Benefits of a cleanse or detox program may include:
*Good gut health, better digestion and healing of the intestinal tract
*Removal of harmful toxic substances, heavy metals, stones, parasites, worms,
*Ph Balance, less acidic body, less inflammation, phlegm and mucous
*Allergy, asthma and food sensitivities relief
*Blood sugar stabilization
*Nutrient absorption and reduction of bad cholesterol
*Improvement of brain and nervous system function
*Cardiovascular and bronchial function
*Hormone balance
*Radiance and external beauty
*Reset of metabolism and weight loss
*Energy and vitality
*Clarity and mental focus
*Recovery and regeneration
*Less food addictions and cravings
*Less stress
*Better sleep
*Increased libido
It is important to understood that there are many types of cleanse/detox programs available, each with different goals and varying degrees of results.  They should be seen as an individual experience and not as a “quick fix” but a gateway of opportunity through which to kickstart positive lifestyle goals.
This is why you should actively participate in your own research and find a program that is customized and takes into consideration your personal health and life status.  It should be fully guided by an expert detox consultant and in some cases, other professionals, including but not limited to the recommendations of your physician(s).
Also, your body may experience physical and mental (emotional) changes or challenges during a more comprehensive or extended detox/cleanse program from such a sudden change in routine and while your body’s organs are working hard to expel toxic substances from your body.  This is why I recommend finding a program where there is a strong emphasis on the benefits of a proper “pre and post cleanse plan”.  Planning for a healthy gentle period of at least 7 days before your cleanse will be much easier on your body and organs of elimination and therefore lessen the risk of experiencing some the more uncomfortable side effects of doing a detox.  Properly breaking your fast or cleanse can amplify the positive effects and results of all of your hard work and commitment for the days or even months to come.  The pre and post cleanse periods are the most important considerations for your success and cannot be overstated.
A cleanse/detox program is for good gut health.  It is paramount to understand that all health and wellness starts in your gut and it can be beneficial to give your system intermittent rests from time to time in order to reset, rewind and for overall rejuvenation and vitality. 
Chef Colette is the founder and owner of Body Fuels Inc. in Vancouver.  She is a professional detox consultant who has designed detox and juice programs, recipes and menus for some of the world’s best detox spas, hotels and retreats including Thailand and Costa Rica.  She also has a background in applied human nutrition and dietetics and holistic nutrition.  Beyond that, she has spent the past 10 years facilitating health and wellness retreats and building cold pressed juiceries in Europe. 

Chef Colette brings her expertise to Vancouver and offers an urban cleanse experience, the exact same programs that you would find at a tropical retreat.  Well, except for the sun, of course.

Join holistic Chef Colette, of Body Fuels Inc. and her professionally designed and fully guided cleanse programs for a powerful reset in January!  She will be on site at the Organic Grocer promoting her cleanse programs on Friday, January 7th, 2022.

Check out for the Bronze, Silver and Gold cleanse / detox packages that are designed to include expert professional guidance, free daily cleanse guides, pre, during and post cleanse goals, recommendations and a comprehensive variety of expertise at your disposal.
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