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The Hidden Side of Stinging Nettle

by Josée Fortin, biochemist and naturopath I probably recommend the use of Stinging Nettle more often than any other plant. It is packed with nutrients and serves as both remedy and food supplement.It revives the body as a whole, stimulates vitality, aids in the absorption of nutrients, activates the metabolism and helps to eliminate toxins by stimulating the kidneys. Stinging Nettle has a high alkaline content, and thus is very useful for balancing pH levels. Bone and muscle system Stinging Nettle has a significant remineralizing action. Its use can be recommended in the case of sprains, chronic arthritis, gout, rheumatism and all joint-related problems. It helps detoxify the body, and is particularly useful in the elimination of uric acid. It even has mild anti-inflammatory properties. Circulatory system Rich in easily absorbed iron, Stinging Nettle helps promote the production of red blood cells, thereby helping to treat anemia. It also has hemostatic properties; that is to say, it reduces bleeding (such as nosebleeds). It also stimulates white blood cells (for example, leukemia and mononucleosis) while helping to cleanse the blood. Digestive system The plant gently stimulates elimination via the intestines. On the other hand, it works just as effectively in the treatment of catarrh, gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea and dysentery... It helps balance blood-sugar levels in people prone to hypoglycemia or diabetes (especially those who are not yet required to take insulin). It promotes all types of metabolic exchanges, stimulating enzyme activity. As such, it helps digestion and assimilation. It helps eliminate intestinal gas and soothes nervous-stomach cramps. Urinary system Stinging Nettle increases urination, which is useful in cases of chronic cystitis (urinary tract infection). The plant also helps to reduce symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Furthermore, it helps to flush out materials that may develop into kidney stones, and can be combined very well with the traditional diuretic plants, dandelion and goldenrod. Stinging Nettle is an integral part of the A.Vogel 15 Day Detox Protocol along side Boldocynara and Molkosan