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Use Promo Code "OGONLINE" for a 10% Discount


  • Featured Product: Sytrinol

    Although our body needs cholesterol to function well, too much of it in the blood or too much of the wrong kind can increase the risk of heart disease. Sytrinol® is a patented cholesterol-lowering supplement ....
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  • Does fish oil a day keep the Doctor away?

     Renew Life Super Critical Bonus Bottle will be on Sale in May and June 2017 Over 7000 studies on omega-3 fatty acids seem to be telling us YES! Essential Fatty Acids are natural substances your body needs to establish and...

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  • Omega-3's: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

    By Renew Life Canada Every 7 minutes someone dies from Heart Disease or Stroke in Canada. Did you know that silent inflammation in the body is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease? It’s true! The key to stopping silent inflammation...

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  • Omega-3's Reduce Silent Inflammation

    By Renew Life Canada If you lined up 10 random Canadians, 9 of them would have at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke (smoking, alcohol, physical inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes). That is...

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  • Shiitake Mushrooms

    Long a symbol of longevity in Asia because of their health-promoting properties, shiitake mushrooms have been used medicinally by the Chinese for more than 6,000 years. More recently, their rich, smoky flavor has endeared them to American taste buds. These...

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  • Why is sugar bad for you?

    Gleaned from: Professional opinions on the dangers of sugar: Dr. Zachary Bloomgarden, professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine believes: Sugar is bad for you a because it has calories, and because if you have diabetes or a...

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  • What is Reishi?

    Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), commonly known as Ling Zhi in Chinese, is a herbal mushroom known to have miraculous health benefits. So what's so good about red reishi? It is non-toxic and can be taken daily without any side effects...

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    Written by Darcy Smith - Posted on 3 November 2015 on the PGX Website The Mediterranean Diet The Mediterranean diet has a long-established history as the go-to eating plan for people who want to get healthy and enjoy themselves in...

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