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  • Organika's limited edition Pumpkin Spice Mylk Latte


    The most iconic fall drink of all time just got a healthy makeover! While we are obsessed with pumpkin spice, along with everyone else around this time of the year, the artificial syrups and filler-packed purees that usually go into...

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  • $5 OFF Coupon for Prairie Naturals Men's Line


    The prostate gland is a small, walnut-sized organ located just under the bladder. It surrounds the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder. The prostate has a dual function as part of the excretory and the reproductive systems....

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    The cold is a common viral infection that affects most adults at least 2-4 times a year. It can be caused by over 200 different types of viruses and comes with a number of distinct symptoms. Our immune system experts...

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  • Flora's ACV Wellness Shots

    Flora’s new Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Shots

    Ready for some pretty serious magic? Apple cider vinegar paired with herbs and select botanicals produces the perfect enhanced refreshment, like healthy revitalization combined with an extra flavour kick or—as we like to say—magic. Old-world remedies meet modern know-how: Energizing,...

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  • BRAIN DEFENCE: Give Your Brains What They Need

    Brain Defence is a blend of five herbal extracts, selected for their effectiveness in supporting cognitive, cardiovascular, and intestinal health while reducing the effects of mental and physical stress. This unique formula helps relieve mild discomfort related to digestive disturbances and acts as a calmative to defend healthy cognitive function.
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  • Featured Product: Bullet Proof MCT Oil

    Bulletproof is the industry leader in coffee, nutrition, supplements and technology. Our mission is to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from our customers, top athletes, and medical professionals.
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  • Red is the New Green! Red SuperFoods are the Hottest thing for Spring

    Remember when the green superfood revolution began? We sure do. Prairie Naturals helped establish this vital lifestyle trend of eating more colourful, antioxidant-rich plant foods with the launch of our Colours of Health family of whole food powders. Red-Superfoods Organic Red SuperFood Blend is the newest member of our colourful superfood family. Enjoy the healing, energizing, and restorative powers of Organic Red-SuperfoodsTM and ...
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  • Why Fermented Protein?

    Ever get bloated after drinking your protein? Fermentation is the answer! Did you know you can purchase Fermented Protein Shakes now? Learn more from this informative article and video!
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  • Timeless Beauty with Christie Brinkley

    Timeless Beauty with Christie Brinkley: Good skincare and great nutrition enhanced by BioSil work together to reduce wrinkles from every angle to hold off aging and provide the best results possible from both inside and out.
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  • Constipated? Get Moving!

    Constipated? You Don’t Have To Be!  CleanseMORE is an effective colon cleansing product that works for relieving occasional constipation. Learn some tips to help your colon move towards a happier healthier state.
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