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  • Preventing Stings & Naturally Treating Them

    Why do bees sting and how to treat stings, naturally In the midst of a decline in honeybee colonies, it seems prudent to respect the bees that cross our paths. Swatting, smushing, and spraying should be avoided—and remember that when a honeybee stings you, she dies.
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  • What's New at the OG?

    During the month of April many new products become available to us - and you! We've been carefully sifting through the new products and we're excited to bring some pretty spectacular products to you. Here's a sneak peek: New Roots...

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  • Joys of Sprouts

    In the worship of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, the ancient Greeks beheld the mysteries of life itself in the simplicity of the single grain of wheat. They understood the incredible potential of the tiny seed. In it lies the power to sustain, nourish and satisfy. In the germination and sprouting process is contained the vital energies which transform the seed into a tall strong plant which can ultimately reproduce itself many times over. And so today we are rediscovering, in our own homes, these very mysteries.
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  • Rabbit River Farms Values Are Our Values

    At the core of Rabbit River Farms are their values – that’s why we love carrying them! Their values guide their decisions and enable them to stay true to themselves and consistently produce the highest quality food in accordance with the highest ethical standards in the organic egg farming industry. They are committed to:
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  • Creating Beautiful Hair...Naturally

    Not all chemicals are “unnatural” and dangerous to human or environmental health. There are many natural chemicals such as the ones found in grapefruit seeds and apple cider vinegar which are beneficial to our health and environment. Here’s a sample...

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  • Life is Good at the Factors Farm

    Located on United Boulevard in Coquitlam BC, Natural Fators Farm is the newest extension of a local natural comapny that has been around since 1950! Today, Natural Factors is one of the largest manufacturers of nutritional products in North America....

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