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  • Boost your immune system with essential oils

    Divine Essence® offers a wide range of certified NPN products, including chemotyped, organic, pure, and natural essential oils, that can help strengthen your defenses. Included in the family of anti-infection essential oils are: Eucalyptus globulus, the enemy of respiratory infections....

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  • Creating Beautiful Hair...Naturally

    Not all chemicals are “unnatural” and dangerous to human or environmental health. There are many natural chemicals such as the ones found in grapefruit seeds and apple cider vinegar which are beneficial to our health and environment. Here’s a sample...

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  • Holiday Recipes with Essential Oils

    Remember when you are using essential oils, your choices make a difference - always choose essential oils that are ethically produced, environmentally clean, pure, 100% authentic, lab-tested, and organic as well as Health-Canada approved. Lisa's favourite line for therapeutic oils...

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