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Party Survival - Party Smart!

When heading out to party this weekend - consider taking a few supplements along with you to ease the suffering later in the evening and the next morning: Our Staff Fav is Party Smart by Himalaya. All of us who like to enjoy a drink or two have tried it (including at our staff Christmas Party) and we LOVE it! All you need is 1 - 2 pills during your festivities and you wake up feeling great! If you're a smaller person (150lb or less) one pill is typically enough, however if you're a bit larger, or you're really enjoying your drinks - another pill at bedtime helps! Party Smart is a blend of herbs that cause the by-product of alcohol metabolism to be easily flushed by the body, thus avoiding the awful hang over symptoms we're all trying to avoid at this time of year! Perfectly safe and fine to take along with any medications. Plus - it's totally affordable! Pop in a grab one for New Year's - we're open until 6:30 New Year's Eve this year. Digestive Enzymes are another life saver - none of us leave the house without them! If you plan on over indulging a basic digestive enzyme will help your body break down all that extra food! If you are vegetarian, there are enzyme specifically for you, too. If you are gluten intolerant - and you can't be sure of the foods you're going to be eating at a party GlutenEase is a staff favourite. And if you're lactose intolerant, and you're not positive what's in that baked good, Lactase is a life saver! Digestive enzymes help prevent bloating, discomfort, gas, and that awful heavy exhausted feeling you get from eating too much. They're lifesavers at a party! Probiotics are a great way to help digestion along as well - make sure you take a double dose at bedtime to prevent constipation and support strong digestion overnight (and even help with nausea if you've drunk a little too much!) Magnesium is a great hangover cure too! Lisa always takes 2 New Roots Herbal Magnesium Bisglycinate pills before bed after drinking to prevent that awful pulsing headache that goes along with hang overs! Be safe everyone and have a Happy New Year!!!
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