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Party Survival - How to Survive The Morning After

5 tips to help your hangover

by Sonia Chartier, on 1 December 2014, Healthy Eating
As much of a disappointment to drinkers as this may be, a hair of the dog only delays the inevitable. One of the reasons you’ll feel ill after drinking is because your liver is still processing the toxins left over from alcohol metabolism. While drinking more might seem to lessen the symptoms initially, you’ll be making yourself feel much worse later on. Foods to help…
  • Bananas: Bananas are an excellent hangover cure because they restore electrolytes lost after a heavy night of drinking and replenish the potassium your body lost to the diuretic effect of alcohol. They are also packed full of natural sugars, giving you energy, and are a natural antacid which means they can help fight nausea.
  • Light breakfast: A light breakfast may help combat hangover sickness and fatigue. Try a poached egg on a slice of whole grain bread. Eggs contain the amino acid cysteine which can aid the breaking down of the toxin that causes hangover symptoms, acetaldehyde, and grains in the bread contain magnesium which alcohol can deplete.
  • High fat foods: Eating fatty foods the morning of your hangover is sure to upset your stomach further, but eating high fat foods before drinking can help prevent a hangover because it lines the stomach and intestines and slows the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream. A healthier approach is by eating foods such as salmon, avocado and olive oil.
  • Water: One of the simplest things you can ingest to help ease a hangover is water! It helps rehydrate your poor beleaguered tissues and really speeds up recovery. If you can get some down your throat before you go to bed then it’ll magically reduce your suffering. And again on getting up. Just do it!
  • Vitamin B and C: If you’ve got lots of parties lined up, take a vitamin B complex as well as vitamin C whenever you’re out drinking and the next day, as both these vital nutrients are depleted by alcohol. Vitamin B rich foods are fish, wholegrain cereals, green vegetables, nuts and avocados. Vitamin C rich foods are fresh fruit and berries, green veg, parsley and watercress.
P.S. Remember to have your Milk Thistle ready?