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Party Survival - Ditch the Stress


All the joys of the holidays… without the stress!

There is a French expression that says that ‘we will all get to the holidays at the same time’… but at what price?! With all the things that need to be done: organizing meals, running errands, and paying special attention to small details, it’s wise to set limits and to take care of oneself.

Practical advice

  • Planning is everything! Whether it is for errands, meals, or decorating your home, advance planning can reduce the pressure a notch. To avoid the holiday shopping rush, consider shopping online or giving handcrafted gifts. Prepare meals in advance and freeze them or have a potluck dinner party and ask your guests to bring a dish.
  • You are allowed to say “no”! For some, the holidays go hand-in-hand with non-stop visits to family and friends without a moment’s respite. Some people feel obliged to go to every dinner party and find it difficult to say “no”. If you are ready to say no to everything except for the outings you really want to go to, think of all the time you will have to do the things you enjoy such as, a quiet evening at home, reading a good book, watching your favourite movie, or having a relaxing bath, for instance.
  • Keep healthy habits! With the arrival of the holidays, it is easy to fall into overindulgence: we are tired, we work a little more, we go overboard and end up exhausted! Don’t put off exercising, taking supplements, sleeping well, and don’t minimize the impact of caffeine and sugar on your health. It can be tempting to set aside our healthy habits at the time when we need them the most to maintain our energy and well-being.
  • Take the time to breathe! Even if you are busy shopping, wrapping gifts, or preparing a dinner party, remember to take some time for yourself. Although this time of year is positive and motivating, neither you nor your loved ones will appreciate your company if you are stressed. Taking the time to do the things we love, be it listening to music, going for a walk, meditating or even playing “Xbox” can relieve tension.

If you are feeling stressed, certain plants can help:

  • Passion flower is a wonderful plant which is referred to as “comfort in a bottle”. Its calming action on the central nervous system helps alleviate nervous tension and anxiety.
  • Oats (avena sativa) are plants rich in B complex vitamins, which are essential to nervous system health. Oats are a great tonic for nerves and have a calming and restorative effect.