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Party Survival - Avoid the Bloat!

Is your stomach bloated?

Have you noticed that certain foods make your stomach feel bloated to the point that you feel like it might… explode?

Feeling bloated and uncomfortable at any time of the day or night is unpleasant. There are simple rules you can follow to reduce internal bloating.

Practical advice

  • Savour each mouthful! Try to chew each mouthful 20 times. This may seem zealous, but chewing triggers the production of digestive juices in the s tomach, facilitating digestion. Therefore, chewing more means less gas!
  • Separate solid foods from liquids! Ideally, you should only drink a small glass of liquid with your meal. Some people take a gulp of water to swallow their mouthful of food instead of adequately chewing it. After drinking, wait 10 to 20 minutes before eating, and after a meal, wa it 20 to 40 minutes before drinking again.
  • Take the time to sit down to eat! Take a deep breath before sitting down at the table to eat and try to relax when you eat instead of eating on the go. Most importantly, avoid eating while you work.
  • Vary your lunch choices! If you are prone to bloating, here is what you should avoid: sandwich + soft drink + coffee. Bread tends to promote bloating in people with a sensitive stomach, so, for a change, try a soup meal with rice cakes or raw vegetables with cheese.
  • Forget wheat for a few days! Do the test to see the difference. Try eating cereal other than wheat for breakfast such as oats, puffed rice, or millet or corn flakes. If pasta is a must, try spelt pasta, as it is easier to digest.
  • No more soft drinks! The gassy effect is definitely not advisable.
  • Eat cooked foods! If you have a sensitive stomach, choose cooked, hot foods over cold and raw foods, as they are easier to digest and are less likely to cause bloating. For ins tance, have vegetable soup instead of a cold salad.
  • Do not keep fruits for last! Finishing off your lunch with a fruit-flavoured yogurt or fresh fruit may seem like a healthy choice, but for many people, this is the cause of a stomach ache in the afternoon. Ideally, eat your fruit at breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon, long after you’ve had lunch.
  • Keep a good posture! Many people who bend over their plate as they eat later suffer from acid reflux and belching. Food will make its way to the digestive tract much more easily if your head is high and your shoulders are back.

Need an extra boost?

Try Molkosan! Molkosan is whey concentrate that is rich in L-lactic acid. It is a source of calcium and potassium and promotes a healthy intestinal flora and gives the digestive tract a boost. It can be taken twice a day mixed in with water or juice.