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Use Promo Code "OGONLINE" for a 10% Discount

FEATURED PRODUCT: Hair Essentials for luxurious hair

Are you losing your hair, or suffering from thinning hair? Sadly, you’re not alone! 40% of women will suffer hair loss by the age of forty. And 50% of men will suffer by the age of fifty. And the likelihood of hair loss only increases with age. While hair loss itself isn't a life-threatening issue, the psychological damage caused by hair loss + feeling unattractive can be extremely distressing and undermining to self-esteem. So what causes hair loss?
  1. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a naturally occurring hormone in women and men. It​ causes​ the​ hair follicles to shrink, reducing the flow of blood and nutrients to the follicle and resulting in progressively finer and thinner hair until the hair is too weak to survive.
  2. Damaged ​​or hypo-functioning hair follicles caused by products ​and​ styling, ​medications, health conditions (e.g., hypothyroid, diabetes, autoimmune conditions), physical or emotional stress, ​etc.​
  3. Lack of healthy hair nutrients due to poor diet, weak digestion,​ ​and poor circulation.
The ONLY way to ensure sustained, healthy hair growth is to heal + nourish the body.​ ​The BEST way to do ​this is with an abundant supply of hair-healthy nutrients. ​You can ​​ACHIEVE this ​with a ​healthy, ​balanced diet ​+ a supplement formulated specifically for hair. Not all products offer the same results! Some hair supplements combat DHT to help stop hair loss. Others ​​repair damaged hair follicles. Still others nourish hair follicles with nutrients ​they need for healthy hair growth. Only Hair Essentials does all three ​- plus so much more! Hair Essentials is a blend of more than 20 time-tested, tradition-honored, ​and ​scientifically researched ingredients. Vegetarian and cruelty free ingredients. N​o controversial ingredients including collagen from factory-farmed animals or marine proteins such as cartilage from shark fins. Certified gluten​-​free, ​nonGMO, and complete disclosure of all ingredients, certificate of analysis on every batch. But is there proof? Hair Essentials is backed by a human clinical trial. Completed in September 2014, the results of the clinical study indicate that Hair Essentials is statistically significant in:
  • Reducing hair loss/shedding/thinning
  • Increasing hair growth and coverage on scalp
  • Improving overall hair condition and appearance of hair
  • Improving quality of life and emotional wellbeing of users
Insider Tip: Hair Essentials will be on sale in February 2017 at Organic Grocer ...