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Use Promo Code "OGONLINE" for a 10% Discount

FEATURED PRODUCT: CELLUsmart by Lorna Vanderheaghe

CelluSmart picThin, overweight, young and older women are plagued with cellulite. Often nicknamed “orange peel skin”, cellulite causes the skin to look and feel bumpy. Women are more prone to cellulite than men because women have fat stored closer to the top layer of the skin. Too much estrogen, repeated weight loss or weight gain, inadequate nutrition and poor lymphatic drainage cause fat cells to be pulled in different directions distorting their appearance on the skin. If you have tried to get rid of cellulite you know it is a challenge. Finally we have a cellulite cream called CELLUsmart that is backed by science and works within 21 days. CELLUsmart promotes lipolysis which is the breakdown of triglycerides so that the fatty acids are free to leave the fat cell. When this occurs, the fat cell gets smaller which is the key to changing the appearance of cellulite. Drain Those Fat Cells CELLUsmart contains coffea canephora extract and 3% caffeine in a phospholipid matrix. Research using coffea canephora extract showed a 69% increase in the release of fatty acids from the fat cell with a corresponding 49% decrease in the diameter of the fat cell. Alkaloids from the 3% caffeine phospholipid matrix stimulate lipolysis causing fat cells to release stored fat. This special phospholipid matrix of caffeine increases the penetration of the active ingredients promoting rapid results. Research has shown a significant reduction in thigh circumference when this type of caffeine is applied twice a day over several weeks. Caffeine also stimulates lymphatic drainage and reduces edema which is impaired in those with cellulite. Massage Roller Busts Cellulite CELLUsmart also has a unique multi-head massage roller attached to the CELLUsmart bottle. Applying the cream and rolling the massage head across the affected areas will quickly break-up disordered fat cells and adhesions. With the combined action of the active ingredients releasing fat from your fat cells and the multi-head massage roller, you will see results in 21 days with twice-a-day application. To speed up the process of reducing the appearance of cellulite eat protein, dark-coloured vegetables and gamma linolenic acid (GLA). A diet deficient in protein causes water retention and worsens the appearance of cellulite. Take epsom salt baths. Walk and jump to improve lymphatic drainage. While Supplies Last in th eMonth of February 2016 - buy a GLUCOsmart and get a FREE CELLUsmart!!!