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Organic Foods from A Health Food Store in Surrey

Top Reasons to Choose Organic Foods at Your Health Food Store in Surrey

Staying healthy is on everyone’s mind. Recent events have reminded us all that our greatest wealth is our health, and one of the best ways to improve and maintain your health is through your diet. As your health food store in Surrey, we’d like to offer you some of the top reasons for adopting a healthier diet including eating organic foods and considering supplements.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables Can be More Nutritious

A growing body of research has indicated that foods grown organically can produce more nutrients and fewer nitrates. Organic crops have been shown to be higher in phytonutrients, essential minerals, and vitamin C. A study by the University of Missouri revealed that organically grown oranges, though smaller than conventionally grown ones contained up to 30% more vitamin C. Production of phytonutrients such as antioxidants and polyphenols are inhibited by the use of pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Scientists have theorized that organically grown fruit produce more antioxidants to defend against and repair damage from insects. Why does this matter? Because phytonutrients protect not only plants but also people.

Organic Meat and Dairy Can be Healthier Than Non-Organic

While much emphasis is put on fruits and vegetables, even meat and dairy benefit from being organic. For example, a 2016 study that was published by the British Journal of Nutrition revealed that organic meat had omega-3 fatty acid levels that were 47% higher than non-organic meat. Researches have suggested that this is related to the diet of the livestock, who must graze more than factory-farmed animals in order to be labelled organic. They are also raised without hormones, antibiotics, or GMO-feed.

Reduce the Number of Chemicals in Our Bodies

With organic food production restricting the use of synthetic pesticides, there is lower pesticide exposure for humans. Organic agriculture does use certain approved pesticides, but they are typically natural substances, as opposed to man-made pesticides. Further, organic produce is grown with natural fertilizers, rather than synthetic ones.

Organic Food is GMO-Free

Many consumers have expressed concern over GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods, worrying about their effects on the environment and consumers. GMOs are often used to modify crops to grow faster or larger. Organic foods are prohibited from having GMOs.

Organic Food May be Better for the Environment.

Organic foods may benefit more than just the consumer, they can be a better choice for the environment. According to Lisa Mastela, MPH, RD, Organic farming is not only beneficial to humans and animals by reducing their exposure to chemicals, it also “reduces pollution, conserves water, reduces soil erosion, increases soil fertility, and uses less energy.”

Choosing the Best Organic Foods

Making the switch to healthier eating sometimes seems like a difficult process. Do you have to completely switch your eating habits? Will you cook differently? Do you have to give up the foods you love? Eating healthier needn’t be problematic. Switching to organic is a significant step in improving your diet. While the common view of healthy eating often involves vegetarian or vegan choices, you can still reduce the number of chemicals ingested by switching to organic meat and dairy. If you shop more at an Organic Grocery Store, you will be faced with many healthy choices, and not be tempted to add the poor quality "treats" you find in a regular grocery store. That way, the next time you go the refrigerator, you will be faced with more healthy choices. In today’s world, making changes to your diet is an investment in your health. As your Organic Foods health food store in Surrey, we can help you create meals that are better for your body, better for the environment, and most of all, delicious.
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