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Use Promo Code "OGONLINE" for a 10% Discount

Checking In Before School Starts with Dr. Frank Silva of Sisu

Many parents will visit the doctor’s office just before school starts to make sure that their kids are in good health and ready for the school year. As a practitioner, here are a few of the key areas I focus on before sending kids back to school. 1. A healthy breakfast: We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. High sugar cereals can result in low energy and poor concentration. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and top up on key nutrients with SISU Vitamin Blast mixed with water or into a smoothie. 2. Healthy Eyes: Eye strain occurs with long days of reading, computer use, and blackboard lessons. Keep eyes strong with a well-formulated omega 3 supplement specifically for children. SISU Omega Bursts are a fun way for children to take a high-potency omega 3 to support healthy eye and brain tissue development. 3. Restful Sleep: Growing minds and bodies need time to rest and recoup. Children aged 3-12, generally require about 10-12 hours of sleep. Start the school-night sleep routine a few weeks before school starts to ease the transition of waking up earlier. 4. Strong bones and teeth: Bones are the framework for your child’s developing body. Eating for healthy bones means reaching for foods that are high in calcium and vitamin D and supplementing with an age-specific calcium + vitamin D like SISU Kiddie Cal. 5. Robust immune system: A strong immune system will help protect kids from contagious germs and decrease the intensity of colds and flus. Strengthen the immune system with Ester-C, a unique form of vitamin c, shown to work faster and last longer in the key immune cells. Look for SISU Kids Ester-C chewables along with a quality kid-friendly vitamin D supplement like SISU Kids Vitamin D Lisa Says: don't forget that we can order you in any of these products! Just ask :)