Ingredients in personal care products can also pose a threat to the environment. They get washed down our drains and enter our water systems, ending up in our lakes and streams. Some of these chemicals can alter our underwater ecosystems, leading to increased mortality rates in aquatic life, behavioural changes and reproductive mutations2. Choosing natural alternatives is not only beneficial to your health, but it’s also healthier for our planet.

Featured Product: ORGANIC BONE BROTH

Prairie Naturals is introducing 100% Organic Bone Broth Protein, available in both chicken and beef. The bones used in making our 100% Organic Beef/Chicken Bone Broth Protein are from grass-fed, grass finished cattle and free-range chickens. Prairie Naturals Organic...

Featured Product: Bullet Proof MCT Oil

Bulletproof is the industry leader in coffee, nutrition, supplements and technology. Our mission is to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from our customers, top athletes, and medical professionals.


Reds have seriously captured our attention since nutritional scientists the world over are reporting on their special properties. Or should we say super powers?

Giving Back for Random Acts of Kindness Week

At Organic Grocer we’re so pleased to be blessed enough to be giving back often and generously!  During Random Acts of Kindness Week we’re reminded why we do what we do – and we hope we can inspire you to give back kindness wherever and however you can too!  ...


Curious about all the wonderful benefits of Bone Broth? Check out this amazing new product Bone Broth Powder from Organika! Sourced from free range, organically fed chickens, this powdered Bone Broth is easy to use and packed with essential minerals, collagen, and is an amazing protein source.

6 Amazing Benefits of Collagen

October 20, 2016 - by Organika For millennia, our hunter-gatherer ancestors had to hunt for their meals and would consume their prey from “nose to tail”, not wanting to waste any food because they didn’t know when their next meal would come. Today, thankfully, we...


PURICA is extending its long-standing commitment to the development of natural stress relief and immunity support products by introducing PURICA Prevent Daily Immunity Optimizer and PURICA Prevail Cold & Fever this weekend at the Canadian Health Food Association’s annual western trade show April 8th and 9th at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Adaptogens – Nature’s Stress Support

Adaptogens are natural substances that help us “adapt” to stress and keep our body in equilibrium. They enable our bodies to avoid reaching a point of collapse or over-stress because they can adapt ‘around’ the problem by adjusting the stimulating and sedating effects. Adaptogens support our adrenals, the glands that manage our hormonal response to stress and help us cope with anxiety and fatigue.

Probiotics, Your Kid’s Superhero

By Caroline Farquhar RHN, BA, EMP Children don’t need a lot to survive. Food, water, shelter and most importantly, love. Every parent’s dream for their child is that they thrive in all areas of their life. What if there was a supplement that you could give your child...

Why Alkaline?

Your body works hard to maintain a healthy balance between acid (lower on the pH scale) and alkaline (higher on the pH scale), helping your systems operate efficiently. When there is an imbalance due to stress, lack of sleep, and over consumption of acidic foods (such as sugar, processed foods and alcohol) your body has to work harder to maintain its optimal pH level. How?

The Mental and Physical Benefits of DMAE

DMAE is an amino acid found in food. Like all amino acids, it is quite powerful, but many don’t realize just how powerful. DMAE is commonly found in fishy “brain foods” like sardines and anchovies. While some might relish the chance to feast on fish, others prefer the supplement route. The DMAE we use is very unique …

How to choose the right probiotic

This might be one of the questions I get asked most often…how to choose the right probiotic. With a growing awareness about the importance of these friendly bacteria and the enormous impact they have on our overall health, more and more people are seeking out...

Are all Melatonin Equal?

Natural or Synthetic: One would assume that melatonin is melatonin, but that is clearly not the case.   Two forms of melatonin exist in the general market. One is the natural form which comes from the pineal gland of animals. It can be mixed with unknown...

Does fish oil a day keep the Doctor away?

Over 7000 studies on omega-3 fatty acids seem to be telling us YES! Essential Fatty Acids are natural substances your body needs to establish and maintain overall well-being. As the body cannot produce these essential fats on its own, it is very important that they...

What’s New at the OG?

During the month of April many new products become available to us - and you!  We've been carefully sifting through the new products and we're excited to bring some pretty spectacular products to you.  Here's a sneak peek: New Roots Herbals - have a look through the...

Red is the New Green! Red SuperFoods are the Hottest thing for Spring

Remember when the green superfood revolution began? We sure do. Prairie Naturals helped establish this vital lifestyle trend of eating more colourful, antioxidant-rich plant foods with the launch of our Colours of Health family of whole food powders. Red-Superfoods Organic Red SuperFood Blend is the newest member of our colourful superfood family. Enjoy the healing, energizing, and restorative powers of Organic Red-SuperfoodsTM and …

RECIPE: Coconut Cream Maca Bars

Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Now breathe, because tomorrow is Friday. How many of us can attest to anxiously awaiting the weekend to catch up on life? The work week can make it seem like there is never enough time in a day. To-do lists grow by a mile, workouts get post-poned, meal prep turns into picking up takeout, and 8 hours of sleep turns into 5 or 6. The unfair reality of it all, is that the very

RECIPE: Carrot Cake Overnight Oats – for mood

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and sugar-laden cereals just don’t cut it. You need wholesome healthy food to start your day off right. Vegan overnights oats are the perfect fit for a healthy breakfast. Loaded with fiber, complex carbohydrates and protein, oatmeal is a great breakfast to fuel you and keep you full until lunch.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Ultimate Maca Energy by Brad King

A staff favourite – maca is great for an energy boost, calms the nerves, and spices up the bedroom!  Because it balances all hormones, it’s safe for everyone to use …

FEATURED PRODUCT: Digest-Force by Prairie Naturals

Indigestion is a pain. Literally. More people suffer from chronic indigestion than from any other condition. Activate good digestion quickly with Digest-ForceTM Activated Coconut Charcoal & Ginger Root Extract, the newest member …

10 Not-So-Obvious Signs Of Poor Digestion & What to Do About Them

Most of us know all too well the obvious symptoms of indigestion such as bloating, tummy aches, constipation and gas. But you’ll be surprised to know that the following 10 less obvious symptoms of enzyme deficiency might also indicate the need for supplemental digestive enzymes …

FEATURED PRODUCT: CranEssence by Flora

CranEssence helps to relieve benign urinary tract infections (UTIs): Cran•Essence is a full spectrum-blend of 9 herbs in a base of cranberry juice concentrate that promotes and maintains normal urinary tract health. Cranberries contain naturally occurring...

FEATURED PRODUCT: Probiotic Gum by Prairie Naturals

Did you know that your mouth is home to billions of bacteria? Some of these bacteria are friendly, protective probiotic bacteria that act as our first line of defense against the unfriendly bacteria and viruses that enter through our mouths and noses. By chewing …

FEATURED PRODUCT: Floradix by Salus

Do you find that you’re tired a lot more than you should be? Suffer from fatigue, weakness or shortness of breath? Have difficulty concentrating or lacking in appetite? Do you have pale skin or dark circles under the eyes? All these are symptoms of …


Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Now breathe, because tomorrow is Friday. How many of us can attest to anxiously awaiting the weekend to catch up on life? The work week can make it seem like there is never enough time in a day. To-do lists grow by a mile, workouts get...


It’s normal to feel tired once in a while, but exhaustion shouldn’t be a part of your everyday routine. If you’re in a constant state of low energy where even the simplest of tasks seem like a challenge, there could be more going on under the surface.

There are a number of factors that contribute to low energy. Some are more serious, like chronic health conditions including …


Treat yourself to a healthy raw chocolate snack Snacking. We all do it. But do you do it well? Snacking gets a bad reputation most of the time. Sure, snacking is not great if you’re snacking on chips, cookies and candy all day every day; but, if you’re choosing...

FEATURED PRODUCT: Marseille’s Remedy Thieves’ Oil & Balm: Ancient Remedy for Modern Times

The Folklore In 1413, as the bubonic plague decimated France, thieves were arrested for robbing dead and dying plague victims, a crime punishable by burning alive.  The judge offered them leniency for their terrible crimes if they would share the secret which enabled...

Pumpkin Chia Pudding Parfaits

Love pumpkin pie (or just pumpkin pie spice!) but hate the sugar? Check out this yummy satisfying healthy alternative. S
o good for you you could have it every morning guilt free! Check it out …

Turkey Tortellini Soup

Got left over turkey after the Thanksgiving festivities?  Make Soup!  Here's a fresh new recipe - we can't wait to try it! Ingredients 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 5-7 organic garlic cloves, finely minced 4 large organic carrots, peeled and thinly sliced 2...

Smooth Sailing Back to School with The Organic Grocer

Getting ready to get back to the routine that comes with fall around the corner starts us thinking about making healthier choices. We’re starting to think about getting back to the gym too. Plus there’s all the new sports teams coming up this year! Phew! It can be overwhelming before it even begins! To help you get organized – and stay calm – we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite Back-to-Routine blogs worth revisiting!

A Prickly Subject – Vaginal Dryness

Many women suffer in silence: one of the many unexpected effects of menopause is the vaginal dryness it can cause. While this rather dry subject matter rarely makes headlines, it affects between 40% and 60% of menopausal women. Your sex life doesn’t need to become a...

Does menopause cause loss of libido?

A loss of libido, interest in sex or sexual desire is a fairly common part of menopause. It becomes a problem when it leads to frustration and wreaks havoc on your relationship. A number of factors affect libido, but you shouldn’t worry that the flame has gone out...

Sugar: a child-catcher even for adults

Back when we humans were fighting for survival against the odds, anything sweet meant lots of lovely carbohydrates to store up against potential famine just around the corner.

And bear in mind that famine was an ongoing threat – it’s only relatively recently in evolutionary terms that shops bursting with cheap, calorie-crammed food have been available on every corner most of the hours of the day and the night.

So we’re programmed …

Joys of Sprouts

In the worship of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, the ancient Greeks beheld the mysteries of life itself in the simplicity of the single grain of wheat. They understood the incredible potential of the tiny seed. In it lies the power to sustain, nourish and satisfy. In the germination and sprouting process is contained the vital energies which transform the seed into a tall strong plant which can ultimately reproduce itself many times over.
And so today we are rediscovering, in our own homes, these very mysteries.

Minkes’ Ha Ha Hobby Farm

Craig & Debbie Minke started up what was supposed to be a hobby farm in 2008 and look at them now! They’ve been harvesting big beautiful organic blueberries for 5 years now and their business is exploding so fast they now call it their HaHa Hobby Farm! We’re proud to carry their Langley-grown blueberries in the store!

The Minkes really believe in community and

Have you tried Avalon Dairy’s local organic milk?

If good stuff goes in, good milk comes out. Avalon Dairy’s certified organic practices mean no GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides or hormones. They believe that if they nourish the soil and what grows out of the ground, they their can ensure only the best flows out of our Partner Farm’s cows. And so do we! Plus we love how they care for their cows: …

Why Support Fair Trade?

At the OG we strive to carry and promote fair trade items, as well as companies that practice fair trade ethics, while not yet being fully certified. We feel it’s important for humanity as a whole to work together to support each other both for the health of our species as well as the health of our planet. In support of these ideals we strive to carry fair trade items, but what does fair trade really mean?

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