Eat a more plant-based diet! Prairie Naturals HempProtein is more than a protein powder. It’s a more balanced way of living and eating. Hempseeds yield a high protein, nutrient dense food that nourishes us without depleting the soil or using vast amounts of water. This ecologically sound protein powder is completely green and 100% vegan. HempProtein   delivers superior quality protein containing every one of the essential amino acids our bodies need. Naturally balanced omega fats in HempProtein reduce inflammation; strengthen hearts; promote resilient skin, flexible joints and enhanced immunity.


Creamy Coconut & Turmeric Popsicles Ingredients

•1 can organic coconut milk
•1 tsp Prairie Naturals Fermented Organic Turmeric powder
•1 scoop Prairie Naturals Organic Hemp Natural Ptotein
•2 frozen peeled bananas
•1 tbsp of local organic honey
•1 cup of frozen organic mango

Add all ingredients into a high-speed blender.

Pour into molds and add lids.

Freeze overnight.

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