5 Reasons for Choosing Local Organic Vegetables

We all know the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. And with the local food movement in full swing these days, more and more
families are making the choice to buy locally grown produce. Are you wanting to head out to stock up on fruits and veggies? Before you shuffle off to your neighborhood supermarket chain, here are five reasons why buying local organic vegetable from a reputable Surrey grocery store is best!

1. Locally grown organic vegetables are fresher

organic vegetablesBuying locally grown food means you’re getting the freshest and tastiest produce possible. Often arriving at the grocery store within 24 hours of picking. That’s fresh! And honestly, if you had a choice between eating a tomato that’s been wrapped in plastic and stuck in transit for thousands of kilometers or eating something fresh, straight out of the bin, what would you choose? Yeah, we thought so too.

2. Locally grown produce supports the local economy

Are you interested in boosting your local economy? Does keeping your hard-eared money out of the hands of corporations in other cities appeal to you? We agree that when you purchase local organic vegetables it ensures your money stays in your community, putting your cash in the pockets of farmers close to home.

3. Locally grown produce is great for the environment

Choosing locally grown foods helps to preserve the environment by maintaining farmland and green space in your community. Did you know that eating locally means less packaging (like plastic wraps and Styrofoam trays) and a reduction in greenhouses gases related to the production and transportation of food? If you want to help cut down on your carbon footprint, buy local.

4. Locally grown produce is a safer food supply

There are many procedures in the food industry that can impact the safety of your produce, from harvesting and washing to shipping and
distribution. Food grown locally and purchased at health food stores, however, means you’ll know where it comes from and who grew it.
When it comes to the safety of your produce, the fewer steps between you and your food, the better.

5. Locally grown produce is more nutritious

Fruits and vegetables start to lose nutrients (and yumminess) the moment they are picked. Add transport time and weeks spent in cold
storage, and by the time produce reaches your table, your fruits and vegetables may hold a fraction of their initial nutrient profile. Locally
grown produce is harvested at their peak and delivered to health food stores in a single day, leaving you with nutrient-rich and delicious
produce every time.

Buying locally grown produce will not only ensure you get fresh, nutritious, and tasty fruits and vegetables but also helps support the
local economy while preserving energy costs and valuable non- renewable resources.  Learn more about organic and grass fed products that you might be interested in that we offer our valued customers.

Are you wondering about where to shop for local organic vegetables in Surrey? The Organic Grocer is a great place to start!  The Organic Grocer has experienced and knowledgeable staff that can help you with all your groceries.  Also, The Organic Grocer also has a full line of health products in our health food store Surrey!

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